Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Godless Morality

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From Jihadi terrorists to the mildest of Quakers, religious people tend to believe that God is prompting them to take a particular action. As ethics evolve – for example over divorce or homosexuality – is God changing his mind?
Start Date:
Saturday 5th October 2019
Start Time:
Christchurch Abbeydale
Andy Vivian
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I found this one of those books that got more and more interesting as I read on. It raises the question of whether it is ever right to claim that God has told us how to behave. It is common in most faiths to claim that God is the authority for our actions, a claim that shuts down an understanding of other view points. Often there are passages in Scripture to back up these claims. Holloway questions both the claim and the scriptural validation. In whose interest is it to claim divine authority? What was Jesus’ approach to doing God’s will? These are some of the questions which this book raises. We may go on to discuss the book further in November.

We may have some second hand copies of the book available for purchase, please ask if you’d like a copy.

Andy Vivian

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