Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Faith in Gloucestershire in the 20th Century - Oral History recordings

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This month we are going to listen to a programme that was broadcast on BBC Radio Gloucestershire back in 1999. It comes from a series of 16 programmes called The Century Speaks, all based on Oral History recordings provided by Gloucestershire people. Their ages in 1999 ranged from 16 to 104.
Start Date:
Saturday 7th September 2019
Start Time:
Christchurch, Abbeydale, Gloucester
Andy Vivian
Radio Recording
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This particular programme focussed on how the role of religion and in particular the church changed in this county in the twentieth century. The recollections of the contributors include stories of being both put off church and of coming back to church; stories of kind and unkind deeds done in the name of faith. A hundred years ago the church calendar was woven into many people’s lives. No doubt we will wish to consider whether the trends revealed in the programme are continuing in the twenty-first century.

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