Gloucestershire Group Meeting – Christianity and Feminism, part 2

Christianity and Feminism, part 2

All are welcome to join the Gloucestershire group as we continue our discussion of Sonya Wratten’s book. We will look at modern day sexism and the current status of women and ask whether the symbol of a female Christ can help.

Start Date:
Saturday 2nd October 2021
Start Time:
via Zoom
01594 516528
All of us

Wratten introduces us to the notion of Christa, a female Christ. Christa is the symbol of the suffering, liberated and resurrected woman. This re-envisioning of the ‘Christ’ role is an antidote to the tradition of the male Christ, who is the son of a male God. She refers to the claim that the adoption of Christianity as the state religion of the Roman empire fixed in society’s consciousness the notion that civil and religious authority lies with men. She questions whether a male saviour works for women who have long suffered oppression by men. She draws parallels with other oppressed groups, the black Christ, the Hispanic Christ, for example.

Wratten challenges us to to study images for ‘female Christ’ to be found online (try Googling female Christ) and to ask how these images speak to us. She also asks whether we are playing our part, as progressive Christians, to campaign on the issues which affect women of our present time, throughout the world.

The cultural trends of our time should inform our Christian living, and shape our Christian beliefs, she argues. She also encourages us to engage with other faiths but she leaves unanswered the issue of different faiths having very different views about the role of women. How much should the West tell Muslim states how to treat women?

To receive the Zoom link for this meeting, please contact our convenor, Andy Vivian at the email address above.

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