Gloucestershire Group Meeting – An introduction to SpaceForSoul

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Join us in Gloucester to hear how this progressive Christian community, based in the Bristol area, offers a new paradigm for faith fellowship which doesn't require conformity.
Start Date:
Saturday 5th May 2018
Start Time:
The United Reformed Church, 103 Moorfield Rd, Brockworth GL3 4JQ
Hilma Wilkinson
Kaitlyn Steele

More and more progressive Christians are saying that joining a Christian community matters more to them than finding a church. This is a chance to meet Kaitlyn Steele is one of the founders of just such a community, called SpaceForSoul. They have fortnightly meetings on a Sunday and have recently started smaller meetings of 6-8 people called Spiritual Journey Groups.
Here is a description of SpaceForSoul which can be found on their website:
“It is a space in which there are no ‘right’ answers; which is free from unhelpful demands, expectations, restrictive structures or rules; which is not concerned with converting others to a particular way of thinking or of living out their spirituality; and which reflects a fundamental trust in our inner resources for change and growth at all levels of our being, including the spiritual. It seeks to give the soul room to breathe, to encourage a creative searching for the answers to life’s deepest questions, and to resource us in finding our own path to the Divine. It also seeks to enable us to deepen our sense of connectedness with our innermost self, with others and with the world around us - or in Henry David Thoreau’s words, to ‘live deep’ physically, psychologically, relationally and spiritually.”

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