Billingham Group Meeting – “I was an Evangelical BUT ...”

Many Christians – particularly converts to the faith – find themselves in Evangelicalism, which proves to be a formative and supportive environment. For many, this is the case for the whole of their lives, while others end up questioning some of the assumptions held dear within the Evangelical community. Some leave and join a different form of Christianity (or don’t), while others remain Evangelicals, BUT still have unanswered questions.
Start Date:
Tuesday 20th November 2018
Start Time:
Billingham Forum, The Causeway, Billingham TS23 2LJ
Paul Wilson
01642 897935
Roy Searle, Juliet King, Jan Overfield, John Wiffen, Alan Hiscox

In May we asked some people to complete the sentence “I AM an evangelical BUT …” explaining why they have remained evangelical, though with some reservations.

This time we will change the question slightly to “I WAS an evangelical BUT ...” to suit those who no longer identify as evangelicals, and ask them to share their journeys.

Roy Searle is a Baptist minister, and a founder of the Northumbria Community.

Jan Overfield and Juliet King are members of Logos Study group.

John Wiffen and Alan Hiscox are founder members of Galilee Network.

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