Billingham Group Meeting – Can the Historical Jesus save us from Irrelevance?

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Join us in Billingham for this introduction to a narrative-historical approach to the Bible.
Start Date:
Tuesday 21st November 2017
Start Time:
Billingham Forum, The Causeway, TS23 2LJ
Paul Wilson
01642 897935
Andrew Perriman
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Andrew is a theologian, teacher, author and blogger. He studied English at Oxford and Theology at the London School of Theology. He is married to Belinda, and they have lived all over – the Far East, Middle East, Africa, the Netherlands, and currently London.

He begins one of his books by saying, “I regard myself as an evangelical, but the social and intellectual structures that have sustained and made sense of modern evangelicalism are disintegrating, and it is not at all clear that the movement can or should survive this collapse.”

Andrew’s own approach to this state of affairs has been to embrace an approach to the Bible which he calls ‘narrative-historical.’ He will begin his talk by explaining the basic priciples of this approach, and will go on to illustrate how it influences his reading of the New Testament, and what difference it makes for today.

There will be a conversational follow-up to Andrew’s talk on the following morning, Wednesday 22 November from 9.30 at 17 Richmond Crescent, Billingham TS23 2JP. Please email if you would like to come to this.

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