East Shropshire Group Meeting – ‘Two Places of Origin for the Christian Movement. James and the Church of Jerusalem: the Forgotten Elder Brother’.

James and the origins of Christianity
Start Date:
Monday 25th March 2019
Start Time:
St Mary’s Church Centre, Albrighton
David Wood, Convener
Rev Alan Saxby
Usual £2 subscription

Alan Saxby is a retired Methodist minister, counsellor in Further Education and Outdoor Pursuits Tutor. He has a degree in theology. After retirement he conducted research in Christian origins leading to a doctorate in 2013 for his thesis on James, brother of Jesus. This is now published as a book. It looks at James and the Jerusalem church and explores the role of James in the founding of that church. This, the first Christian church, had its roots in the work of John the Baptist and was part of the contemporary Judaic movement for the restoration of Israel. Events around the death of Jesus confirmed its commitment to Judaic reform and transformed its understanding of that. Alan has for many years led a house group looking at new and alternative approaches to the Christian faith. He leads worship on occasion, again exploring new ways of worshipping.
There will be an opportunity for discussion after his talk.

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