East Shropshire Group Meeting – The Sikh Faith

Having travelled in most of the countries in the Middle East in less fraught times and having been to Israel/Palestine/Jordan/Sinai once every two years the Bishop thought that being the Diocesan Interfaith Adviser would keep me out of mischief in retirement. So, I liaise with interfaith groups in the Welsh Marches and the West Midlands. The initial work of telling village and town groups about the faiths of those who have come to live among us has passed and now it is dealing with the faiths working together, identifying common ground and learning to respect differences and the significance of those differences. With the leader of the local mosque I have offered to listen to and reflect on the refugees who are coming among us. I am still involved with some of those charities giving help to the suffering peoples of Israel/Palestine. I see the purpose of my visit to your group as sharing information about the Sikh faith - very different from my previous visit and much less contentious. Also looking at their place in Western society. I would hope that the visit would stimulate the group, if the people who belong are unfamiliar with Sikh life, to arrange a visit to somewhere like B'ham. That would be both enlightening and enjoyable.
Start Date:
Monday 27th March 2017
Start Time:
St Mary's ChurchCentre,High Street,Albrighton WV7 3EQ.
David Roberts, Diocesan Interfaith Advisor
Free to visitors, Members £2 monthly

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