East Shropshire Group Meeting – Ministry beyond Church

The ministry of the Church outside the church building and based on a Sheffield Housing Estate.
Start Date:
Monday 29th April 2019
Start Time:
St Mary’s Church Centre, Albrighton
David Wood, Convener
Rev Judith Jessop
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Judith Jessop is an ordained Methodist minister. She has worked and is working currently in the Sheffield circuit. She was involved with a ministry for healing and wholeness. ‘In this context healing is regarded as a key ministry of the whole church, part of the ministry of prayer and intercession, during which we pray for healing and wholeness for everyone and the world at large. We recognize that no-one has attained absolute wholeness: we can all hope for the transformation in Christ of aspects of our life and to see ourselves as part of the wider world in need of transformation.”

She is not responsible currently for a specific church, She has worked to establish a different kind of ministry. This is based on a Sheffield housing estate. She lives on the estate and wants to explore healing and wholeness in this situation. As part of this she follows some of the daily offices e.g. morning and evening prayer as observed by religious communities. She has been influenced in this by some of the new religious communities founded in the U.K. She wants to explore a different kind of ministry which reaches a wider range of people.

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