East Shropshire Group Meeting – Eight Points and the Bible

What bible verses/readings illuminate any of PCN's eight points of belief?
Start Date:
Monday 28th January 2019
Start Time:
St Mary’s Church Centre, Albrighton
David Wood, Convener
07583 219082
Everyone who wishes to
Usual £2 subscription

PCN has set out Eight Points which seek to offer a framework to guide our thinking about Progressive Christianity but it acknowledges that there are many other ways of understanding Christian faith. The Eight Points are meant to be inclusive and not to impose uniformity. Points 2 – 8 are an attempt to spell out the broad consequences of what points 1 states which is to be “guided by the life and teachings of Jesus”.

On 28 January we are to think about these Eight Points and people are invited to bring a Bible reading which reflects on one or more of them. You don’t have to bring one, however, you can just come and listen or join in the discussions. The Eight Points are listed on PCN’s website which is at www.pcnbritain.org.uk

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