East Shropshire Group Meeting – A New Kind of Christianity ?

Ben entitles his talk "A New Kind of Christianity?" and considers if there is anything left here which can help us to find new answers in our time as to what Jesus himself might have actually have meant by his life, ministry and death. Free copies of his book; "Updating the Map; a Humanist Journey through the Bible", will be available. He has had careers as both a Baptist minister and in social care, having served as manager of the Education Welfare Service at Staffordshire and Wolverhampton Local Authorities. I believe that his talk will indeed be a stimulating start to our New Year and we make a very warm welcome to as many visitors & members as possible to come.
Start Date:
Monday 30th January 2017
Start Time:
St Mary's ChurchCentre,High Street,Albrighton WV7 3EQ.
Ben Whitney
Free to visitors, Members £2 monthly

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