Dundee University Group Meeting – Saving Jesus from the Cross…

Crucifixion was a form of state torture. It was not meant to kill quickly. Its purpose was to degrade and humiliate a person utterly, to reduce them to a non-person. Yet, in many Christian traditions, the cross is regarded as salvific and is glorified; ‘in the cross of Christ I glory’. Can we reconcile the cross with a God of peace and unconditional love? Are there progressive understandings of the cross? What does or can the cross mean for us today? We will explore this topic further with the help of some clips from the film 'Chocolat'. All are welcome from 12.55 onwards for informal chat before the start of the meeting.
Start Date:
Monday 25th March 2013
Start Time:
Dundee University Chaplaincy, Building number 31 on city campus map
Angela Smith

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