Abingdon Group Meeting – Taking Progressive Christianity Forward - Ten things to ditch to save the Church

The discussion this time will centre on the ten issues which Gretta Vosper identified as needing to be ditched for the Church to survive.

Start Date:
Tuesday 5th July 2022
Start Time:
This will be a Zoom Meeting, please contact the convenor by email if you wish to come

With many thanks to the Gloucestershire and Newcastle Groups for reminding us of the work of Gretta Vosper, we shall be looking at the issues Gretta has raised about aspects of Church which need to be dropped if the Church is to survive. In an age where conventional beliefs in God are declining, and where the proportion of national populations that declare that they have no adherence to a religion is growing, Gretta suggests non-theistic approaches to community gatherings which 'could be a place where we reflect on and process our life experiences with others in ways that encourage us to become compassionate, just, and loving human beings'. Gretta Vosper came to speak in Oxford in 2014 and at Carrs Lane Church in Birmingham in 2017. The recordings of those latter talks are available on YouTube and are worth investigating if you are unaware of Gretta and her work.

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