Abingdon Group Meeting – Rethinking Christianity for the 21st Century - what might churches be like?

Following our meeting with Dave Tomlinson in February, we shall be exploring further our hopes for churches in the future.

Start Date:
Tuesday 1st March 2022
Start Time:
This will be a Zoom Meeting, please contact the convenor by email if you wish to come

During our discussion with Dave in February a number of ways of imagining church and what churches might be and do were explored. This exploration was inevitably limited owing to the time available and the fact that some members were unable to join us. We shall be continuing this discussion on 1st March and would be happy for others to join us who are interested in this topic and / or have experience in developing churches with a progressive Christian outlook and approach. A paper giving some background from the February meeting will be available for Cliff Marshall along with the link for this meeting.

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