Abingdon Group Meeting – Rethinking Christianity for the 21st Century - what could Church and churches be like?

We shall be continuing to think about the possibilities for the Church of the future and what this would mean for churches in their communities.

Start Date:
Tuesday 5th April 2022
Start Time:
This will be a Zoom Meeting, please contact the convenor by email if you wish to attend this meeting

Having met with Ben Whitney and Dave Tomlinson, who both raised real questions about the possible future of both Church and churches, we shall be trying to make sense of where we stand on these issues. Ben has said that he is looking for churches 'which can provide a model of shared humanity' . Our starting point for this discussion will be to try to tease out what a model of shared humanity might consist of in gatherings of developing 21st Century re-thought Christianity. We would welcome contributions from people who have begun to think all this through or started to put ideas into practice. Please contact Cliff if you would like to attend and receive a copy of the summary notes outlining the thinking of progressive Christians including Jack Spong and Gretta Vosper, plus other observations from PCN films, newspaper columnists, etc.

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