Galilee Forum - With the End in Mind

With the End in Mind - A local doctor and award-winning author, Kathryn wants us all to know more, and be less afraid, about dying. “It’s time to talk about dying. This is my way of promoting the conversation.” Following her talk, Kathryn will be in conversation with activist and blogger Laura Ashurst, who will also chair an open session for questions and comments. We aim to finish around 9.30.

Start Date:
Tuesday 8 October 2019
Start Time:
Billingham Forum, TS23 2LJ
Dr. Kathryn Mannix
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Paul Wilson
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Fifty years ago, almost everyone had seen someone die, and most adults were sufficiently familiar with the process to be a good support to their dying relatives.

This is no longer the case, and the only models many of us have are from TV dramas, which are often untypical. Consequently there is widespread ignorance about what dying is like, and the whole subject has become taboo.

Kathryn’s book consists of stories and insights she has gleaned over many years as a palliative care consultant

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