Programme Archive

Date Event
14/07/2008 A Future for Liberal Christianity
26/07/2008 Theology in the Dales - A Christology Course for the 21st Century
30/07/2008 An evening with Peterson Toscano
15/10/2008 Liberal Voices!
01/11/2008 Don Cupitt - The Meaning of the West: A Radical Christian Interpretation
16/11/2008 From Prayerbook to Personal Piety
22/11/2008 PCN Britain AGM
23/02/2009 Words and Music for Tomorrow’s Christian
12/03/2009 Ian Lawton Tour
21/03/2009 PCN Britain Day Conference - ‘Surrendering all our certainty’
25/04/2009 ...The World to Come…?
15/05/2009 St Deiniol’s Weekend
14/07/2009 Perfect Freedom: Liberal Faith Today & Tomorrow
20/10/2009 Bishop Jack Spong UK Tour October 2009
10/09/2010 MARCUS J. BORG ‘Being Christian in the 21st Century’
09/02/2011 Invitation to Journey
04/03/2011 After Atheism
10/03/2011 A Two-Day Symposium in Honour of Emeritus Professor John Hick
07/05/2011 Where does progressive Christianity go from here?
23/05/2011 John Bell - An Interactive Presentation
02/06/2011 The New Testament - Jack Spong on ‘where does fact stop and myth begin?’
03/06/2011 Jack Spong: A New Christianity for a New World
22/06/2011 Jesus the Jew
18/07/2011 New PCN group launch in East Shropshire
31/07/2011 The Horn of Africa - a dedication
16/09/2011 Dominic Crossan on what the Gospels really teach about the birth and death of Jesus
28/09/2011 A Just Church
01/10/2011 In Spirit and Truth: Belief, Worship & Discipleship
27/10/2011 Thinking Allowed
30/10/2011 Samhain, a blessing of the darkness on the eve of the Celtic New Year
03/11/2011 Cornflakes Theology
21/11/2011 Thinking Allowed
07/12/2011 The Core of Religion
26/01/2012 The Heart’s Time
26/01/2012 Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is For Us! The story of the Poverty Truth Commission
08/03/2012 Cornflakes Theology - an interface between the church and secular society
08/03/2012 The Church in a Changing Culture
10/03/2012 New Approaches to Worship
31/03/2012 Matthew Fox - Workshop in Norwich
04/04/2012 Matthew Fox - Mystics: Pioneers of Consciousness
05/04/2012 Re-visioning Easter within the Earth Story
06/04/2012 Matthew Fox - Crucifixion and Resurrection - North Reddish, Manchester
09/04/2012 Matthew Fox - Our Emergence into Christ Consciousness - Findhorn, NE Scotland
11/04/2012 Matthew Fox - The Marriage of the Sacred Masculine with the Divine Feminine - Piccadilly, London
12/04/2012 Beyond our Wildest Imagining - Making Real the Love of God
29/04/2012 A Celtic celebration of the Beginning of Summer
30/04/2012 The Great Marriage Debate
11/05/2012 PCN Residential Weekend with Mark Townsend
19/05/2012 How can progressive Christian communities be people of The Way?
19/05/2012 Relating to the Other: A New Vision for Religious Pluralism
19/05/2012 Christianity? Don’t make me laugh
13/06/2012 St Mark’s CRC Library Evening - Mindfulness and Compassion in the Workplace
16/07/2012 By Whose Authority?
28/07/2012 What is this Place?  Who are these People?
15/09/2012 Adrian Alker on Jesus Shaped Church - Christian Shaped Lives
24/09/2012 Progressive Christianity: Eight Pointers
30/09/2012 A Celtic Harvest
03/10/2012 Is religion good for social cohesion?
17/10/2012 How to be a bad Christian…...
20/10/2012 The Church as it Could Be - For Goodness’ Sake
20/10/2012 How to be a bad Christian and a better Human Being
21/10/2012 Sex and the Spirit: Uncovering the past and re-imagining the future
22/10/2012 Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome and the Kingdom of God, Pt. 1
24/10/2012 Group meeting
26/10/2012 Jim Kenney - Non-stop Turmoil or Global Spring?
01/11/2012 Thursday meeting
03/11/2012 Jim Kenney - Non-stop Turmoil or Global Spring?
03/11/2012 Ritual for Radicals: Does Progressive Christianity need Ritual?
06/11/2012 Regular meeting
08/11/2012 Dave Tomlinson speaks on How to be a Bad Christian and a Better Human Being
14/11/2012 Living the Questions Session 17 Wednesday Group
15/11/2012 Who was Jesus?
26/11/2012 Carols for Today
28/11/2012 Brian McLaren speaks on A New Kind of Christianity
28/11/2012 Science and Christianity
01/12/2012 December
02/12/2012 Last chapter of Richard Holloway’s ‘Between the monster and the saint’ entitled ‘Saint’
04/12/2012 Regular Meeting
13/12/2012 Christmas meal
05/01/2013 January Group Meeting
06/01/2013 Poetry Night
11/01/2013 Evil Spirits in the bible and now?
16/01/2013 The Wisdom Jesus by Cynthia Bourgeault
17/01/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #3
19/01/2013 A seasonal social lunch
23/01/2013 January meeting
28/01/2013 Whose words are they anyway?
28/01/2013 Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome and the Kingdom of God (DVD) - Paul’s missions and character
02/02/2013 February Group Meeting
05/02/2013 Living the Questions Group meeting
07/02/2013 Women and the Church
11/02/2013 Power and Fear
15/02/2013 Spiritual Practices
21/02/2013 February meeting. ‘Out of a Dark wood- God, Dante and us’
21/02/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #4
25/02/2013 Sinful thoughts! Is ‘sin’ an outdated concept?
25/02/2013 Is the World Dying of Terminal Religion?
26/02/2013 Faith in Conflict
27/02/2013 February group meeting
03/03/2013 Studying The Collage of God by Mark Oakley
04/03/2013 The Stories We Tell
05/03/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
07/03/2013 The revival of Paganisms: Anthropology-inspired religions
15/03/2013 Prayer
15/03/2013 An Evening with Honest to God
21/03/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #5
21/03/2013 March meeting- Examining the Meaning of the Resurrection
25/03/2013 Saving Jesus from the Cross…
25/03/2013 Eclipsing Empire: Paul, Rome and the Kingdom of God (DVD) - further explorations of the life and work of Paul
27/03/2013 March meeting
05/04/2013 Faith - as Belief / Trust
10/04/2013 St Mark’s CRC Library Evening - Jesus for everyone?
10/04/2013 Christian Beginnings by Geza Vermes
17/04/2013 Weapons of Mass Destruction
18/04/2013 ‘Examining the Meaning of the Resurrection’
18/04/2013 Liturgy in the Church
18/04/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #6
20/04/2013 Celebrating a 21st Century Faith’
22/04/2013 The Saving Jesus Seminar: the search for the historical Jesus
24/04/2013 April group meeting
29/04/2013 ‘Baby or Bathwater’: Should Progressive Christians throw out all church traditions?
02/05/2013 Regular meeting
04/05/2013 “The Dysfunctional family”
05/05/2013 The Collage of God by Mark Oakley - Final Chapters
07/05/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
10/05/2013 Faith II - as seen in the New Testament
11/05/2013 Christian Beginnings: Why Jesus didn’t die out
13/05/2013 General Discussion on Progressive Christianity
15/05/2013 Richard Holloway speaks in Windermere
16/05/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #7
16/05/2013 Regular meeting
20/05/2013 The Case for Legalising Drugs
22/05/2013 May group meeting
31/05/2013 Monthly Meetings - last Friday of each month - “The Market as God”
01/06/2013 Worship Workshop
02/06/2013 Honest to God
04/06/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
07/06/2013 PCN Retreat 2013
09/06/2013 Sunday Living the Questions at St Martin in the Fields
10/06/2013 To be decided
19/06/2013 Atoms and Eden - Evolutionary Biology
20/06/2013 Regular meeting
20/06/2013 Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #8
21/06/2013 Silence
21/06/2013 Solas Festival
22/06/2013 Catching water in a net: human attempts to define the divine
22/06/2013 Val Webb ‘In Defence of Doubt’
25/06/2013 In Defence of Doubt
25/06/2013 In Defence of Doubt - Dr Val Webb
26/06/2013 Do We Do Politics?
26/06/2013 In Defence of Doubt - Dr Val Webb
27/06/2013 In Defence of Doubt
28/06/2013 In Defense of Doubt
02/07/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
07/07/2013 “Honest to God: 40 years On”: In its Time and Since - Colin Buchanan
10/07/2013 Changing Times, Changing Rites
15/07/2013 The Earth is the Lord’s: Renewing the Covenant of Creation
18/07/2013 Regular meeting
19/07/2013 Forgiveness
22/07/2013 Discussion: The Uncertainty Principle
23/07/2013 North Worcestershire Group: Bring a poem
24/07/2013 Summer recess
06/08/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
12/08/2013 R S Thomas, Welsh poet and vicar
19/08/2013 Building Peace in the Holy Land - it can be done!
19/08/2013 A look at Alternative Liturgies
28/08/2013 Summer recess
31/08/2013 Group Meeting
03/09/2013 Abingdon ‘Living the Questions’ Discussion Group Monthly Meeting
06/09/2013 Forgiveness Part 2
14/09/2013 The Legacy of Mark’s Gospel
17/09/2013 North worcestershire Group: More poems
18/09/2013 Looking at Norman’s monograph
19/09/2013 Common Dreams
21/09/2013 Lecture: Humility the Earthiest of Virtues
23/09/2013 Welcome and Update
23/09/2013 Talk: The Difference between Jesus and Christ
25/09/2013 September group meeting
26/09/2013 Greenbelt Experiences / PCN Worship
07/10/2013 October Meeting
09/10/2013 How has our perception of reading the Bible changed?
14/10/2013 To be arranged
15/10/2013 Science and Spirituality: God as consciousness
16/10/2013 Science & Religion – Brain and Mind
17/10/2013 William Blake: Poet, Artist and Religious Visionary: an Inspiration for our time
18/10/2013 Jack Spong on What God Now?
18/10/2013 Beyond Forgiving - a South African Story
19/10/2013 Let’s Be Honest
19/10/2013 Is Religion Dangerous?
21/10/2013 Alternative Liturgy part 2: Developing our own
23/10/2013 John Shelby Spong - The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic
24/10/2013 John Shelby Spong - The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic
03/11/2013 Holy City BODY
04/11/2013 November Meeting
04/11/2013 Nothing fixed or final?
05/11/2013 November Group Meeting
08/11/2013 Being Honest to God Conference (Modern Church and PCN-UK)
08/11/2013 Borg’s book: Reading the Bible again for the first time, Ch 1+2
08/11/2013 Being Honest to God
11/11/2013 To be arranged
16/11/2013 “Just Economics” with Ann Pettifor
16/11/2013 Worshipping Christ the King?
18/11/2013 Anatheism: Returning to God after God
20/11/2013 Topic to be decided
24/11/2013 Haphazard by Starlight
24/11/2013 November Meeting - Being Honest to God
25/11/2013 ‘What lies beyond progressive Christianity?’
27/11/2013 Monthly meeting for November - Honest to God 50 yrs on.
29/11/2013 ‘Oh, The Troubles Of Job’
01/12/2013 HOLY CITY: ‘Earthy Bodies’
02/12/2013 To be arranged
03/12/2013 A Jesus Shaped Church
06/12/2013 Borg’s book: Reading the Bible again for the first time, Ch 3+4
07/12/2013 “ The importance of Christmas , its story and how we tell it!.’’
18/12/2013 Topic to be decided
07/01/2014 PCN Britain’s Eight Points
09/01/2014 Christmas: Ancient Meanings, Modern Faith
10/01/2014 Eight points Review discussion
13/01/2014 The Saltaire and the Cross
14/01/2014 Living the Questions
22/01/2014 January group meeting
27/01/2014 Countering Pharaoh’s Production-Consumer Society To-day
29/01/2014 Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve
31/01/2014 Truth, Lies and the Spirit Level
31/01/2014 Borg’s Book: Reading the Bible again for the first time, Ch 5
02/02/2014 Tartan Jesus?  Stuff..
04/02/2014 Discussion: Let’s Be Honest About The Church
09/02/2014 The Case for God - Karen Armstrong Chapter 1 Homo Religiosus
11/02/2014 Monthly meeting
14/02/2014 Peace, Power and Protest: Prophets for a New World: Student Christian Movement - annual conference
20/02/2014 What does science say about consciousness?
21/02/2014 The Journey Home
24/02/2014 Sharing a significant event or experience on our journey
24/02/2014 Discussion: Why Should Progressive Christians follow Jesus?
26/02/2014 February group meeting
04/03/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
06/03/2014 In Memoriam Dei
07/03/2014 Eckhart Tolle - The Power of Now
07/03/2014 Malvern Science and Faith Weekend
10/03/2014 The Heart of Christianity in a Time of Change
13/03/2014 Regular meeting
15/03/2014 From Exclusion to Inclusion: Marriage for All
16/03/2014 Meal and Presentations about Judas Iscariot
17/03/2014 Beyond Forgiving - a South African story
19/03/2014 Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve, by Paul Smith part 2
24/03/2014 The work of Dignity in Dying
26/03/2014 Group monthly meeting
27/03/2014 Prayer
27/03/2014 Dominic Crossan - The Challenge of Christmas and the Meaning of Easter
29/03/2014 New ways of thinking about the Christian religion
31/03/2014 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran community
01/04/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
03/04/2014 ‘A Modern Parable’
04/04/2014 How to be a bad Christian….and a better human being
06/04/2014 Film ‘Of Gods and Men’
09/04/2014 Book Group
12/04/2014 “Resurrection it wasn’t, but it is a Truth to be lived daily” ....
23/04/2014 Group meeting
28/04/2014 Film: The Way
28/04/2014 Conversation Dinner - ‘The question I would most like to ask God’
02/05/2014 How can we express the Progressive message in terms that are credible and accessible and that engender in people a sense of both possibility and urgency?
06/05/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
10/05/2014 Beyond Forgiving
13/05/2014 Truro Theological Society: The Breadth of Salvation. Rethinking the wider hope and the urgency of the Gospel
14/05/2014 Beyond Forgiving (film)
17/05/2014 Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes
18/05/2014 Beyond forgiving - speaking tour
19/05/2014 Meet the Author: Diarmuid Ó‘Murchu
19/05/2014 The Way: Discussion
26/05/2014 Beyond the Historical Jesus
28/05/2014 Group monthly meeting
02/06/2014 Is Jesus worth saving?
03/06/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
04/06/2014 Creative Arts for Retreat and for Reflection
04/06/2014 Corn in Pentecost
06/06/2014 Robin asks - Part II
07/06/2014 Progressive Church: Reconceiving Christian Community
12/06/2014 THE SIBYLS London Evening Meeting
13/06/2014 Slow down to the heart’s time
18/06/2014 Bookham and Leatherhead PCN June 2014 meeting
18/06/2014 Cosmos and Creation
18/06/2014 Group monthly meeting
30/06/2014 ‘Looking back and looking forward’
30/06/2014 Emerging Spirituality and Awareness - a virtual conference
01/07/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
07/07/2014 The Meaning in the Miracles
11/07/2014 Borg’s book: Reading the Bible again for the first time: Ch 6 part 1
14/07/2014 A Liberating Spirit?  Exploring Spirituality for the 21st Century
16/07/2014 A Journey of Faith - Part 3
19/07/2014 Reclaiming the Book for the People
28/07/2014 Summer meal out at the Horns of Boningale
05/08/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
06/08/2014 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit in St. Luke.
22/08/2014 Greenbelt 2014: Travelling Light. Boughton House, Northamptonshire
25/08/2014 Report back from ‘Being Honest to God’ Conference
28/08/2014 Cranky, Beautiful Faith and the City of God
29/08/2014 Engaging with the present world - personal encounters
01/09/2014 Closing Study of Lent course. A Journey of Faith: Moving On
02/09/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
04/09/2014 Next Meeting after summer break
06/09/2014 Focus on Economic Justice at the Abbey at Iona
09/09/2014 Balham Group next meeting
19/09/2014 Borgs book ‘Reading the bible again for the first time’ Chapter 7 - second half.
20/09/2014 Workshop on Gospel of John
22/09/2014 PCN Forth Valley Meeting
22/09/2014 Discussion: Jack Spong’s book on St John’s Gospel - ‘The 4th Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic’
24/09/2014 Gretta Vosper lecture: With or Without God
24/09/2014 A bit of Brian McLaren - from Greenbelt
26/09/2014 Gretta Vosper weekend conference: With or Without God
28/09/2014 Who is Peter Rolins
29/09/2014 ‘Secularism - what is it?’
01/10/2014 Open Meeting-all welcome
01/10/2014 Open Meeting-all welcome
02/10/2014 Mid Wilts PCN Meeting
04/10/2014 Dave Tomlinson - How to be a Bad Christian
06/10/2014 Turning water into wine
07/10/2014 Genes, Germs and the Mind
07/10/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
14/10/2014 PCN Balham, South London group, October meeting
18/10/2014 Re-Imaging God
21/10/2014 Gender, part 2
22/10/2014 Group monthly meeting
27/10/2014 Monthly Meeting - The Fourth Gospel (Part 2)
27/10/2014 In -house discussion on a topical issue
29/10/2014 Historical Overview of the Hebrew Scriptures
30/10/2014 God, Imagination and Digital Reality
31/10/2014 Borg’s book ‘Reading the Bible again for the first time’ Chapter 8 page 185-199
01/11/2014 Does Worship Need Believable Creeds?
03/11/2014 November Meeting
03/11/2014 Dave Tomlinson leads a workshop about his new book, The Bad Christian’s Manifesto
04/11/2014 Regular Discussion Group Meeting
05/11/2014 The Challenge of Jesus
08/11/2014 Faith in Search of Understanding Today
13/11/2014 Weekly meeting
13/11/2014 Weekly Meeting on Thursdays pm
14/11/2014 Peter Rollins weekend - Godly Mayhem
18/11/2014 Alton Group
19/11/2014 ‘Painting the Stars
21/11/2014 Eben Alexander’s book: ‘Proof of Heaven’
21/11/2014 West Hampshire Scientific and Medical Network
24/11/2014 In Search of the Common Good
24/11/2014 Monthly Meeting - Forgiveness
24/11/2014 ‘Significant Chaos’ - a talk by Michael Paterson
26/11/2014 A liberal approach to treasuring Creation
30/11/2014 Living the Questions
02/12/2014 Regular Discussion Meeting
03/12/2014 Open evening and next stage of “The Challenge of Jesus”
08/12/2014 Christmas Meal - Horns of Boningale
11/12/2014 Regular meeting
15/12/2014 ‘What is the Good News?’
16/12/2014 Open Discussion
19/12/2014 Borg’s book ‘Reading the Bible again for the first time’: Chapter 8 page 199-218
05/01/2015 January 2015 Meeting
06/01/2015 Regular group Meeting
12/01/2015 Open evening and next stage of “The Challenge of Jesus”
16/01/2015 ‘African Adventure’ - 18 min Audio Visual production and stories
19/01/2015 PCN Forth Valley Discussion Evening
19/01/2015 ‘God put you in my path’ a personal journey through life changing events.
20/01/2015 Exploring Marcus Borg’s “The Heart of Christianity”
22/01/2015 Southsea Group
25/01/2015 Sunday Teatime Discussion
26/01/2015 Hereford Diocesan Interfaith Officer, The Revd Preb David Roberts, will speak on Sikhism and islam
26/01/2015 DVD of Gretta Vosper lecture
27/01/2015 A27 Book Club
28/01/2015 Group monthly meeting
02/02/2015 Out on a Limb: Sermons of Risk and Revolution with Rev. Glenna Shepherd
03/02/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
03/02/2015 “Make Easter Real”
05/02/2015 Joint meeting with the Sutton Coldfield PCN group
13/02/2015 Open Meeting-all welcome Please note the change of address
17/02/2015 Spiritualism
21/02/2015 Faith In Dark Places: Myths and Lies about Poverty
21/02/2015 Gems in the Attic: 25 years of LGCM at Oxford House
23/02/2015 ‘Jesus the Jew’ by Geza Vermes
23/02/2015 People in the Wilderness - a talk by Kathy Galloway
25/02/2015 The Bad Christian’s Manifesto
25/02/2015 PCN Forth Valley Discussion Evening
27/02/2015 Borg’s book Reading the Bible again for the first time. Ch 9 St. Paul
27/02/2015 Evidence Based Faith NB Change of Date
01/03/2015 RE in schools today, introduced by Simon Wright, an experienced practicing teacher
02/03/2015 March 2015 Meeting
03/03/2015 Evidence Based Faith
03/03/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
03/03/2015 Crossing the Reed Sea - The Geography of the Exodus
06/03/2015 Malvern Science and Faith Weekend 2015
13/03/2015 Regular Open Meeting
13/03/2015 PCN Britain Members’ Residential Weekend
13/03/2015 Something for the Soul: Garth Hewitt in concert
16/03/2015 March meeting: Practising Resurrection
16/03/2015 Regular meeting ’ Richard Holloway article to be discussed’
17/03/2015 “Faith and Film – why watching movies is good for one’s soul”
23/03/2015 The State we’re in – is God the Problem or the Answer?
23/03/2015 Monthly Meeting - report back on the ‘Godly Mayhem’ PCN Conference
23/03/2015 PCN Forth Valley Discussion Evening
25/03/2015 Honest worship
26/03/2015 Views on Ressurection
27/03/2015 Report back on ‘Space to Breathe’ and planning Val Webbs visit
30/03/2015 What might the new church community look like in the future?
03/04/2015 Progressive Good Friday Service
07/04/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
08/04/2015 Like Catching Water In A Net
11/04/2015 The Spiritual Psychology of Sufism
11/04/2015 April Group Meeting
11/04/2015 Val Webb tour
12/04/2015 God in the mental dustbin
13/04/2015 Open Meeting-all welcome
13/04/2015 Dr Val Webb - In Defence of Doubt
15/04/2015 In Defence of Doubt
17/04/2015 West Hampshire Scientific and Medical Network
17/04/2015 ‘In Defence of Doubt’
18/04/2015 Visit of Val Webb
18/04/2015 A Conversation with Colin Coward
21/04/2015 Alton Group
21/04/2015 Open Discussion
22/04/2015 Group monthly meeting
27/04/2015 Initial meeting of a new progressive Christian group in Malvern
27/04/2015 Book Reviews
28/04/2015 A27 Book Club
29/04/2015 Evaluating Val Webb’s visit
30/04/2015 Southsea Group
02/05/2015 St Symeon the New Theologian
02/05/2015 Tony Windross Meeting
05/05/2015 Awaiting Subject
05/05/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
09/05/2015 If Prose is a River, Poetry’s a Fountain - with Mark Oakley
10/05/2015 I am Christmas Day
18/05/2015 Open Meeting-all welcome
18/05/2015 Spiritual Practice in Islam
18/05/2015 Regular meeting
19/05/2015 “Death Cafe”
20/05/2015 Challenge of Jesus: DVD by Prof. Dominic Crossan
25/05/2015 Monthly Meeting - Responses to ‘In Defence of Doubt’
25/05/2015 ‘A Bridge to Islam?’
27/05/2015 Group monthly meeting
29/05/2015 Doubt, God and Virgin ears
01/06/2015 Monthly Meeting
02/06/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
02/06/2015 God and the Doctor
07/06/2015 The Imam and the Pastor
11/06/2015 June meeting: Living the Questions DVD: Debunking the Rapture
11/06/2015 Bishop Jack Spong - Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy
13/06/2015 Visit of Jerry McLeese
14/06/2015 Bishop John Shelby Spong - Walking Forward
15/06/2015 Open Meeting-all welcome
16/06/2015 Awaiting Subject
17/06/2015 The Challenge of Jesus: DVD by Prof. Dom Crossan
23/06/2015 Karen Armstrong - Forgiveness and Compassion: Is there a difference?
26/06/2015 Revelation - Borg’s last chapter
29/06/2015 What’s wrong with the Church of England?
29/06/2015 Monthly Meeting - topic t.b.a. shortly
29/06/2015 Looking back and looking forward
05/07/2015 Poetry and Spirituality
06/07/2015 July Meeting
07/07/2015 Kirchentag, 2015
11/07/2015 Learning to Walk in the Dark
13/07/2015 Seeking the Sacred: Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world
20/07/2015 Open Meeting-all welcome
20/07/2015 ‘What is the point of prayer? Is God a human creation? Is the name significant?
21/07/2015 Open Discussion
22/07/2015 No meeting this month
23/07/2015 Out Of Our Minds: What Can We Offer Towards A Healthier World?
27/07/2015 Meal out at the Horns
02/08/2015 The usefulness of Biblical Criticism
04/08/2015 Regular Discussion Meeting
05/08/2015 The Historical Jesus
07/08/2015 Transformation
10/08/2015 August Meeting
01/09/2015 Open Discussion
01/09/2015 Regular Group Meeting
02/09/2015 Open Meeting
06/09/2015 The implications of PCN’s 8 points
10/09/2015 September meeting: Where are we going as a local PCN group?
12/09/2015 How to be a bad Christian and a better human being
12/09/2015 St Paul and the Church - a day conference
15/09/2015 Awaiting Subject
19/09/2015 Viable Alternatives
21/09/2015 The God we don’t believe in
21/09/2015 Regular meeting ’ Belonging not Believing’
23/09/2015 Rex Hunt evening - Rewording worship
28/09/2015 Monthly Meeting
28/09/2015 The Eight Points - ‘Here I stand , or do I?’ (with apologies to Luther!)
30/09/2015 University Chaplaincy Buffet
04/10/2015 Salvation in life today
05/10/2015 October Meeting
06/10/2015 First Weekly Meeting
06/10/2015 Noah
06/10/2015 Regular Group Meeting
07/10/2015 Lecture 3 Sources
08/10/2015 Open Meeting all welcome
10/10/2015 Church - Going Forward
12/10/2015 The Devil, Fallen Angel or Myth?
13/10/2015 How do we read the Bible?
14/10/2015 October meeting
15/10/2015 The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions
16/10/2015 God in process
16/10/2015 West Hampshire Scientific and Medical Network
20/10/2015 Alton Group
20/10/2015 The Geography of the Exodus
20/10/2015 Open Debate: Forgiveness, Atonement, what is it all about?
24/10/2015 Re-imagining Church: No Longer Male and Female, but One in Christ
26/10/2015 Talk and Discussion: Images of God
26/10/2015 ‘Unitarianism - Are we on the same page?’
27/10/2015 Open Debate: Death Penalty: Is it ever permissible?
28/10/2015 Group monthly meeting
29/10/2015 Southsea Group
01/11/2015 First Sunday Evenings at Edmund Kell
01/11/2015 WHERE or WHAT is GOD ?
02/11/2015 November Meeting
03/11/2015 Open Debate: SEX SEX SEX and the Gospel
03/11/2015 Awaiting Subject
03/11/2015 Regular Group Meeting
04/11/2015 Drinking at other wells ...
04/11/2015 Christianity for the Unbeliever.
06/11/2015 Follow up on ‘God in process’
10/11/2015 Open Meeting all welcome
10/11/2015 Open Debate: Should all Christians be “green”? (Environment)
17/11/2015 Open Debate: Render unto Caesar? Tax and Taxation
17/11/2015 Awaiting Subject
18/11/2015 Religion as a Subversive Activity
23/11/2015 Monthly Meeting
23/11/2015 Regular meeting ’ Remembrance , reflections on war and peace’
24/11/2015 Open Debate: Onward Christian Soldiers? Christianity and the Army
25/11/2015 Group monthly meeting
30/11/2015 Do Progressive Christians pray?
01/12/2015 Open Debate: For you were strangers… Christians and Immigration
01/12/2015 Awaiting Subject
01/12/2015 Regular Group Meeting
07/12/2015 December Meeting
07/12/2015 Open Meeting all welcome
07/12/2015 Meal out: Horns of Boningale
08/12/2015 Open Debate: Porn, the naked truth?
11/12/2015 The Beattitudes
04/01/2016 January Meeting
05/01/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
11/01/2016 Regular meeting ’ Looking back and Looking forwards- reflections on past year and 2016’
12/01/2016 Open Meeting all welcome
12/01/2016 First meeting of 2016: Radical Inclusivity
19/01/2016 PCN and the Unificationists
22/01/2016 The Perennial Tradition
25/01/2016 Talk and Discussion led by Revd John Howard: Chair of Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury Methodist District
25/01/2016 The Scottish Parliament and religions
27/01/2016 Group monthly meeting
01/02/2016 February Meeting
02/02/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
02/02/2016 The taboo of knowing who we are
02/02/2016 Launch meeting of Questions of Faith
09/02/2016 February meeting: Thinking about Marcus Borg’s contribution
12/02/2016 Balfour 1917-1948
15/02/2016 Open Meeting all welcome
16/02/2016 Chaplaincy to the University of South Wales Lecture. “Why, as a religious believer, I stand up for equal marriage”
17/02/2016 Thinking of meditation: discussing options
17/02/2016 A discussion about the PCN Eight Points
22/02/2016 Discussion: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
23/02/2016 A27 Book Club
24/02/2016 Gretta Vosper - With or without God
01/03/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
01/03/2016 Welsh Saints; lessons for 21st Century humans
01/03/2016 Bring a Saint
05/03/2016 Exploring Worship: Why & How
06/03/2016 NOT IN GOD’S NAME
07/03/2016 March Meeting
15/03/2016 Open Meeting all welcome
15/03/2016 Palm Sunday
16/03/2016 Capitalism: what are the alternatives?
16/03/2016 What is Worship and is it relevant today if we have discarded a Theistic God?
18/03/2016 Borg on ‘Speaking Christian’ Introduction and Ch. 1
21/03/2016 Regular meeting ’ The Impact of Myth and Stories’
21/03/2016 Quaker Faith & Practice
23/03/2016 Group monthly meeting
05/04/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
05/04/2016 Making Easter Real
18/04/2016 April Meeting
19/04/2016 Open Meeting
20/04/2016 Reading the Bible as literature
20/04/2016 Discussion on the PCN eight points
22/04/2016 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Chapter 2
25/04/2016 Open Meeting all welcome
25/04/2016 Spirituality
27/04/2016 Group monthly meeting
03/05/2016 May Meeting
03/05/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
09/05/2016 May Meeting
10/05/2016 An Unequal Society: What must Christians do
16/05/2016 Regular meeting ‘St Paul and Me’
17/05/2016 Tale of Two Gospels
18/05/2016 Literary approaches to the Bible: - implications for theology
23/05/2016 A Day In the Fountain
25/05/2016 Group monthly meeting
27/05/2016 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Chapter 3
30/05/2016 Anniversary Dinner
05/06/2016 BEYOND FORGIVING (Film and discussion)
07/06/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
07/06/2016 Spiritual Formation in the Emerging Culture.
07/06/2016 Multifaith vs Interfaith
17/06/2016 West Hampshire Scientific and Medical Network
17/06/2016 Solas Festival
21/06/2016 Alton Group
21/06/2016 A Whole Hearted Gospel
22/06/2016 Planning and worship
24/06/2016 Marcus Borg Chapter 4 - The Bible
27/06/2016 Spiritualiy (part 2)
28/06/2016 A27 Book Club
30/06/2016 Southsea Group
05/07/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
05/07/2016 Open Meeting
12/07/2016 July meeting: What is (corporate) worship?
12/07/2016 Really?
18/07/2016 Regular Meeting ‘Education about faith and other world view philosophies’
19/07/2016 Open Meeting
25/07/2016 Meal
29/07/2016 An Eventful Journey
01/08/2016 August Meeting
26/08/2016 No session - we are taking a break in August
03/09/2016 How the church ‘blew it’ in the UK
04/09/2016 Faith is about the heart, according to Marcus Borg
06/09/2016 Social Meeting
19/09/2016 Regular Meeting- ‘Prayer, Meditation, Silence’
20/09/2016 My Journey to Uncertainty
22/09/2016 Mark Oakley launches his book, The Splash of Words
22/09/2016 The Evolution of God
26/09/2016 Is A Radical Church Possible
26/09/2016 “A Theology of Liberation”
27/09/2016 September meeting: Bring and share lunch; future topics?
28/09/2016 Group monthly meeting
30/09/2016 Marcus Borg Chapter 5-6 - God/God’s character
02/10/2016 Palestine: The Olive Tree, The Land and its Pain
03/10/2016 Spong’s views on Prayer
04/10/2016 Open Meeting
09/10/2016 Brian McLaren Tour 2016
10/10/2016 Brian McLaren Tour 2016
11/10/2016 Our favourite parables
14/10/2016 Brian McLaren Tour 2016
18/10/2016 More on nudity in the Bible
18/10/2016 Monthly meeting October
19/10/2016 Is a Radical Church Possible?
22/10/2016 Is a Radical Church Possible?
24/10/2016 Painting the Stars
27/10/2016 The Evolution of God
30/10/2016 Bishop John Shelby Spong Maidenhead lecture EVENT CANCELLED
31/10/2016 Life- support in the Wilderness
01/11/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
06/11/2016 The Cross, Resurrection and Born Again, according to Marcus Borg
07/11/2016 Report back from recent public conferences
08/11/2016 Follow up from the Brian McLaren Event
15/11/2016 Progressive vs Procrastinating Christianity
21/11/2016 Jung and our shadow side
23/11/2016 Group monthly meeting
24/11/2016 November Meeting: A bad Christian?
25/11/2016 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Chapter 8-9 - Jesus Death / Easter
26/11/2016 Launch of Brighthelm Progressive Church
28/11/2016 Pianting the Stars - a second session
28/11/2016 ‘What is the point of religion?’
05/12/2016 December 2016 Meeting
06/12/2016 Regular Discussion Meeting
06/12/2016 The Naked Pastor
12/12/2016 Meal
12/12/2016 ‘Is God a myth?’
13/12/2016 Follow up to the Birmingham Event
20/12/2016 “Christmas” meeting
30/12/2016 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch 10 Believing and Faith
03/01/2017 Open Meeting
03/01/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
07/01/2017 In what ways have our PCN experiences influenced our understanding of worship?
09/01/2017 January Meeting - Epiphany
10/01/2017 Multi Faith Chaplaincy - virtual dream or pragmatic reality!
16/01/2017 Regular Meeting
17/01/2017 Fair Trade In Wales
17/01/2017 Walking Forward: Bishop John Shelby Spong
17/01/2017 Monthly meeting January
23/01/2017 PCN Forth Valley Discussion Evening
24/01/2017 January: Own faith-journeys/beliefs, with(in) or without the Church
24/01/2017 Out into the World: Challenges facing Progressive Christians
25/01/2017 Is a Radical Church possible?
27/01/2017 A spiritual journey
28/01/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Church
30/01/2017 Making sense of worship in the 21st century
30/01/2017 A New Kind of Christianity ?
31/01/2017 Restoring Relationships
05/02/2017 The origins of religion
06/02/2017 February Meeting
07/02/2017 Bible Stories - How narratives work and what they reveal.
07/02/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
07/02/2017 A Video Evening looking at Rob Bell speaking about revenge and forgiveness.
14/02/2017 Faith that Matters - connecting belief and being, theology and ethics
14/02/2017 Erasing David
21/02/2017 Some Christians Are Trans - How Does That Work?
21/02/2017 The Myth of Redemptive Violence
21/02/2017 Monthly meeting - Chapters 7 & 8 of current book
22/02/2017 Group monthly meeting
24/02/2017 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch 8 & 9 Death of Jesus / Easter
27/02/2017 PCN Forth Valley Discussion Evening
27/02/2017 Studying with the DVD in the “Painting the Stars” series, entitled “Mysticism”
27/02/2017 Liberation Theology
28/02/2017 Child Sacrifice in the Old Testament: considering the context
02/03/2017 March meeting: A radical church?
05/03/2017 Our attitudes to suffering
06/03/2017 March Meeting
07/03/2017 A video evening, Rev Martin Wolfe, speaks about John Spong
07/03/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
13/03/2017 Cruelty,Christianity and the Gospel of Love
14/03/2017 Reclaiming the World
20/03/2017 Living the Questions
21/03/2017 The Journey Of A Valleys Church
22/03/2017 group monthly meeting
23/03/2017 ‘Reclaiming a Prayerful Life: Inspiration for Contemporary Christians’
25/03/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Christians ... Lent or Given? ... Looking for life on the way to Easter
27/03/2017 The Sikh Faith
27/03/2017 ‘How do we talk about difficulkt things?’
28/03/2017 What is Progressive Religion?
28/03/2017 The Exodus: Story or History?
31/03/2017 Marcus Borg ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch 11 Mercy
01/04/2017 McLaren: The Great Spiritual Migration - Discussion of Chapter Four
03/04/2017 April Meeting
04/04/2017 Resurrection In An Hour And A Half
04/04/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
04/04/2017 A Kingdom without Walls
11/04/2017 Prayer Beyond Belief
11/04/2017 Cancelled - sorry folks - no meeting tonight!
22/04/2017 Brighthelm Progressive Christians: Choose Life - Resurrection and what that means for Progressive Christians.
25/04/2017 Social Justice: Realising God’s Vision
25/04/2017 Next meeting
26/04/2017 group monthly meeting
28/04/2017 My Religeous Journey
30/04/2017 A Christian celebration of new life
02/05/2017 The Dategrove Group
02/05/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
02/05/2017 The story of Ruth: Examining the missing pieces.
07/05/2017 How Can We - or Can We - Speak about God in the 21st Century?
08/05/2017 May Meeting
09/05/2017 A STORY OF PALESTINE: David Oddie’s personal journey through art and conflict.
12/05/2017 Words Words Words: Present-day God-talk
14/05/2017 How should we or can we speak about God in the 21st Century?
15/05/2017 Spiritual Defiance - Building a Beloved Community of Resistance
15/05/2017 Voting Matters
16/05/2017 May meeting: A radical church is possible - so how to make it real?
16/05/2017 Spiritual Defiance: Building a Beloved Community of Resistance
16/05/2017 Sell Off
16/05/2017 Joseph, Moses And Egypt’s Three Kingdoms
18/05/2017 Celebrating Doubt as a Catalyst on the Faith Journey
20/05/2017 Val Webb comes to South Wales
23/05/2017 Prayer: Intimacy with God
24/05/2017 group monthly meeting
26/05/2017 Reflections on Val Webb’s talk
29/05/2017 A progressive approach to ecology
30/05/2017 Understanding the Ten Commandments
30/05/2017 SOLD OUT ! ‘The Shack’ movie SOLD OUT !
05/06/2017 Social Evening [hopefully Garden Party]
05/06/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals Session 1 (Monday Group)
06/06/2017 Creative Transformation
06/06/2017 Ray Vincent
06/06/2017 Regular Discussion Meeting
06/06/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals Session 1 (Tuesday Group)
19/06/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals Session 2 (Monday Group)
20/06/2017 Unpunished Crimes in the Bible
20/06/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals Session 2 (Tuesday Group)
26/06/2017 Looknig back and Looking forward
27/06/2017 Embracing Mystery
27/06/2017 Nigel Nash: LGBTQ people’s experience in faith communities
27/06/2017 2 chapters of Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karimazov”
28/06/2017 group monthly meeting
29/06/2017 How, if at all, have any of your beliefs or attitudes been modified over the last years/months/days? Group and plenary discussions.
30/06/2017 Progressive Thought and Pastoral Care
01/07/2017 Dave Tomlinson at Brighthelm Progressive Christians
03/07/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
04/07/2017 Death and Dying
04/07/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
17/07/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
17/07/2017 The Progressive Christianity Network- why and how it emerged and who seeks it out
18/07/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
28/07/2017 Planning Meeting
30/07/2017 Lammas - the first fruits of the harvest
01/08/2017 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century: Beliefs about Jesus
06/08/2017 The Bible according to Ray Vincent
07/08/2017 August 2017 Meeting
25/08/2017 No Meeting - we take a summer break
02/09/2017 Forgiving.
03/09/2017 The faith of Charles Darwin
04/09/2017 September 2017 Meeting
04/09/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
05/09/2017 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
05/09/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
11/09/2017 Regular Meeting- ’ I’ve mislaid my glasses, but my son’s on holiday’
12/09/2017 Commons - Discussion of the final chapter of Diana Butler Bass’s book ‘Grounded’
12/09/2017 Sea of Faith, ‘Being Human’
12/09/2017 NOOMA - You and Today - Rob Bell DVDs
18/09/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
19/09/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
19/09/2017 Monthly meeting September
21/09/2017 Group monthly meeting
25/09/2017 ‘One more step along the way we go.. Are we moving?
25/09/2017 God and the Senses
26/09/2017 Unpunished crimes in the Bible” by Ziony Zevit
27/09/2017 monthly meeting
29/09/2017 My favourite things
01/10/2017 Luther and the Reformation
02/10/2017 October 2017 Meeting
02/10/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
03/10/2017 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century: Peace and Integration
03/10/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
05/10/2017 A Sceptic Walks the Pilgrim Routes of Europe
07/10/2017 Honesty
09/10/2017 Group discussion - Violent extremism
10/10/2017 October meeting
16/10/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Monday Group)
17/10/2017 Black Sheep & Prodigals (Tuesday Group)
19/10/2017 Monthly Group meeting
21/10/2017 Inclusion in Church
23/10/2017 The Unknown BCE God
23/10/2017 The Quaker Way
24/10/2017 Apocalypsis/Revelation. A Time/Life film
25/10/2017 monthly meeting
27/10/2017 Peter and Cornelius in Acts
27/10/2017 October meeting
29/10/2017 Eucharist of the Radical Christ
02/11/2017 Heretical Histories
04/11/2017 Review of October meetings on Honesty and Inclusion
05/11/2017 The Death and Resurrection of the BIBLE
07/11/2017 Bonhoeffer and Religionless Christianity
07/11/2017 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century: The Bible
09/11/2017 From where to here: The Enlightenment
13/11/2017 November 2017 Meeting
13/11/2017 The Jewish Life Cycle
14/11/2017 “Tax, Care and Toy Boys”.
16/11/2017 Monthly meeting
16/11/2017 Monthly meeting
20/11/2017 The Experiential from different perspectives
21/11/2017 Can the Historical Jesus save us from Irrelevance?
22/11/2017 monthly meeting
22/11/2017 Monthly meeting - November 22nd
24/11/2017 Borg’s book ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch. 18 &19;
25/11/2017 Dave Tomlinson - How to be a bad Christian and better human being
27/11/2017 Partners Or Protagonists
28/11/2017 Music and meditation
28/11/2017 Climate Change - a new theology required
03/12/2017 What does Christmas mean today ?
04/12/2017 Advent/Christmas Dinner
05/12/2017 Insights for 21st Century Christianity - Robin Meyers’ Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture (1)
05/12/2017 Talk about Hell - Is it even biblical?
06/12/2017 God As Cosmic Energy - a discussion on the article by Edward Hulme
07/12/2017 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
12/12/2017 Film. Bethlehem Year Zero. The birth of Jesus and surrounding events as TV news would cover it today.
12/12/2017 Bread and Stones
19/12/2017 Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s life and death
20/12/2017 Next meeting
29/12/2017 No Meeting - we take a Christmas break
02/01/2018 Insights for 21st Century Christianity - Robin Meyers’ Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture (2)
04/01/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals
08/01/2018 January 2018 Meeting
08/01/2018 Epiphany and Beyond- sharing thoughts and ideas as gifts
08/01/2018 What is Midrash?
09/01/2018 Violence Divine - Overcoming the Bible’s Betrayal of Its Non-Violent God
09/01/2018 Introduction to Buddhism
09/01/2018 Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Theology
17/01/2018 Planning Worship
17/01/2018 January group meeting
23/01/2018 The Way. A film entitled “The Way” with Martin Sheen.
23/01/2018 Bonhoeffer 1 - A New Theology
24/01/2018 monthly meeting
26/01/2018 Borg’s book ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch 12 & 13
27/01/2018 Holocaust Memorial Day
29/01/2018 A discussion on creeds with Ben Whitney
29/01/2018 The Longest Journey in Life
31/01/2018 First 70pages of THE DIVINE DANCE” by Richard Rohr
01/02/2018 Injustice, Inequality and Oppression
03/02/2018 Writing the Spirit
04/02/2018 Beyond Theism & Atheism
05/02/2018 How To Be A Bad Christian
06/02/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
06/02/2018 Expressions of Church in a Changing Culture
06/02/2018 Bonhoeffer 2 - “Who is Christ for us today?”
13/02/2018 A look at metaphorical theology
15/02/2018 Monthly meeting
20/02/2018 How I became a heretic - with help from Jesus.
20/02/2018 Bonhoeffer 3 - The World come of Age
21/02/2018 ‘Queer Virtue’ for Lent
23/02/2018 What motivates us?
26/02/2018 ‘The Development of the Known CE God’
26/02/2018 Thoughts for the Day - group contributions
27/02/2018 100 years since the Balfour Declaration
28/02/2018 monthly group meeting
04/03/2018 Muslim views of Jesus
05/03/2018 Synagogue visit POSTPONED
06/03/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - the role of the clergy
06/03/2018 Quantum physics and the future of God.
06/03/2018 Bonhoeffer 4 - Religionless Christianity
07/03/2018 What do we understand by the “Holy Spirit”?
10/03/2018 And it was good: Thinking Theologically about Evolution
11/03/2018 Thinking Allowed
12/03/2018 Poetry Please
13/03/2018 Scandal and Glory: The Cross in the Bible and Poetry
14/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals
15/03/2018 Group monthly meeting
15/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals. An antidote to black and white religion
16/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals: An Antidote to Black and White Religion
17/03/2018 Singing Hymns Again For the First Time!
19/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals: An Antidote to Black and White Religion
20/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals, An Antidote to Black and White Religion
20/03/2018 Questions and answers from the Marcus Borg Memorial lecture 2017.
20/03/2018 Bonhoeffer 5 - The Arcane Discipline
21/03/2018 Black Sheep and Prodigals
23/03/2018 Miriam Dean Fund
26/03/2018 Spiritual Journeys & Life Stories
26/03/2018 Stages of Faith
03/04/2018 Bonhoeffer 6 - “The Man for Others”
03/04/2018 Insights for 21st Century Christianity
07/04/2018 The Bad Christian’s Manefesto
08/04/2018 FAITH from the perspectives of a Muslim believer or a Scientist
10/04/2018 Challenges and insights from modern Cosmology
10/04/2018 The Work of West End Refugee Centre
12/04/2018 Science with a Heart - In search of a new paradigm
16/04/2018 Who am I? Identity, Faith and Being Human
17/04/2018 Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Ethics
18/04/2018 Borg and Crossan on St Paul
18/04/2018 group monthly meeting
19/04/2018 Monthly meeting
20/04/2018 With Full Conviction - The Play
23/04/2018 Time Out
24/04/2018 More Expressions of Church in a Changing Culture
26/04/2018 Marginalised Pasts: Jews and Muslims in the History of Europe
27/04/2018 My first year as an Anglican Priest, experienced and expressed in a Progressive way.
29/04/2018 A Liturgy for Beltane
01/05/2018 Exploring Insights for 21st Century Christianity: Welcoming Black Sheep in our Churches
05/05/2018 Roger Ray - Progressive Faith and Practice
05/05/2018 An introduction to SpaceForSoul
06/05/2018 Towards a Christian Philosophy of Education
08/05/2018 An Inconvenient Truth.
08/05/2018 “What is the Bible?”
10/05/2018 Roger Ray speaks on Which Jesus do we hold dear?
13/05/2018 Thinking Allowed: an insight into progressive christianity
15/05/2018 One in Christ - Why do LGBTQI people feel excluded by the Churches?
17/05/2018 Monthly Group Meeting
19/05/2018 Working With Emergence - rearranged date
21/05/2018 Theological perspectives within Quakerism
21/05/2018 Regular Meeting ‘Soul Music’
22/05/2018 The challenge of Paul.
22/05/2018 “What is the Bible?”
23/05/2018 group monthly meeting
25/05/2018 Encouter with another faith I
29/05/2018 I am an Evangelical but ...
03/06/2018 Religion in Public Life: Levelling the Ground
03/06/2018 The message of ADAM & EVE
04/06/2018 A New Bishop for London:  Sarah Mullally in Conversation
05/06/2018 Exploring Insights for 21st Century Christianity: Welcoming Back the Prodigals
07/06/2018 Sharing our faith-journeys and planning for our future as a group
10/06/2018 Thinking Allowed: Progressive Communion
12/06/2018 Film. Amazing Grace
12/06/2018 “What is the Bible?”
12/06/2018 Annual meeting and Programme Planning
13/06/2018 Monthly meeting - June
17/06/2018 Come As You Are – LGBT+ Christians celebrate ten years of inclusive welcome
21/06/2018 Group monthly meeting
22/06/2018 Solas Festival 2018
25/06/2018 Silent Eucharist
26/06/2018 The challenge of Paul.
26/06/2018 “What is the Bible?”
26/06/2018 Monthly Radical Pilgrims meeting
27/06/2018 group monthly meeting
29/06/2018 Encouter with another faith II
01/07/2018 HYMNS ancient and modern, but are they helpful ?
02/07/2018 Rob Bell - The Holy Shift Tour
02/07/2018 February 2018 Meeting
03/07/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - the role of the clergy
04/07/2018 Worship4Us
07/07/2018 The Great Transition - Nature, Economics, and Faith
08/07/2018 Thinking Allowed: And can it be? - Singing our Faith
09/07/2018 Avoiding the Negative Spiral
10/07/2018 An Inconvenient Sequel Truth to Power
10/07/2018 Summer Conversations
10/07/2018 Monthly meeting July
16/07/2018 Modern Church Annual Conference 2018
18/07/2018 Monthly meeting July
23/07/2018 Sunninghill Summer Social
24/07/2018 The Necessity of Hope
24/07/2018 Reflections by Rob Bell.
25/07/2018 Inclusive Church AGM and Annual Lecture 2018
27/07/2018 No Meeting in July
05/08/2018 Ranges of Faith, as observed in Egypt
07/08/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - Death Comes To Us All
12/08/2018 Thinking Allowed
13/08/2018 Beyond Belief
15/08/2018 Monthly meeting August
24/08/2018 Greenbelt 2018
31/08/2018 Planning Meeting
01/09/2018 The Bad Christian Manifesto
02/09/2018 Thinking Allowed ‘on tour’
02/09/2018 What do we think about the current state of Education in our schools ?
03/09/2018 September 2018 Meeting
04/09/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
09/09/2018 Monthly Meeting
10/09/2018 Further exploration of changing Belief and Church attendance
10/09/2018 What is Life?
12/09/2018 Monthly meeting September
13/09/2018 Monthly Meeting to discuss Greta Vosper’s book Time or To Late
15/09/2018 Extending the table
18/09/2018 Reading group: “Unapologetic” by Francis Spufford
18/09/2018 “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell, Section 2
20/09/2018 Group monthly meeting
20/09/2018 Rupert Sheldrake: Science and Spiritual Practices
24/09/2018 ‘Taoism & Two Generations of Reactions’
24/09/2018 Is a second Reformation required?
25/09/2018 The challenge of Paul.
26/09/2018 monthly group meeting
28/09/2018 ‘Prophets of ‘The Way’
29/09/2018 Spirituality: Daring New Horizons
29/09/2018 Interfaith Retreat Weekend
01/10/2018 Tell me a New, New Story ...
02/10/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
02/10/2018 “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell, Section 2
03/10/2018 Progressive Worship - what a progressive service may look like.
06/10/2018 The Future of Faith lecture series - Paul Rasor
06/10/2018 An afternoon with author, Dave Tomlinson
07/10/2018 The relevance of Revelation in Christian Tradition
08/10/2018 How do you define God?
09/10/2018 An Introduction to Newcastle Food Coop
11/10/2018 Open Meeting to discuss future topics.
11/10/2018 Monthly Talk
12/10/2018 PCN Members’ Residential 2018
14/10/2018 Subject TBA
14/10/2018 Monthly Meeting
16/10/2018 The challenge of Paul.
16/10/2018 “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell, Section 2
17/10/2018 Monthly meeting October
18/10/2018 Regular monthly meeting
22/10/2018 ‘Unitarianism Past and Present’
24/10/2018 monthly group meeting
26/10/2018 ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch. 14 ‘Forgiveness & Repentance’
27/10/2018 Faith in Political Action Today
29/10/2018 Bishop Michael Curry - The Power of Love
30/10/2018 My Soul Glorifies the Lord: Jesus’ Female Disciples
30/10/2018 100 years on. “The First World War: Myth and Reality”
30/10/2018 Rupert Sheldrake follow up: The Anatomy of Gratitude
03/11/2018 Deconstruction Retreat
03/11/2018 We are all One
03/11/2018 What does it mean to act in the spirit of Jesus?
04/11/2018 A Masterwork of Doubting-Belief
06/11/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
06/11/2018 Gods, Goddesses and the Role of Gender in Divine Evolution
06/11/2018 “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell, Section 2
08/11/2018 Free to Believe National Conference 2018 - Revised programme
08/11/2018 Faith,Trust and the Freedom to Think
12/11/2018 Visions and voices and the problem of perception
12/11/2018 Predestination or Free Will?
13/11/2018 What’s Christmas About?
14/11/2018 the Power of Awe: The Transfiguring Path of Wonder, Radical Humility & Ecstatic Celebration
15/11/2018 Meeting open to all
15/11/2018 Regular monthly meeting
15/11/2018 Regular monthly meeting
17/11/2018 Hope in Conflict
17/11/2018 My Spirit Rejoices: Women’s Voices in the Bible
20/11/2018 “I was an Evangelical BUT ...”
21/11/2018 Monthly meeting November
26/11/2018 The Inner Journey (Scott McKenna continues his exploration)
27/11/2018 Rupert Sheldrake follow up: The Science of Spiritual Practice
28/11/2018 group monthly meeting
30/11/2018 ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch. 15 & 16. ‘John 16-3’ and ‘Born again’
01/12/2018 ‘Rekindling the Spirit of Community’ -
01/12/2018 The Future of Faith lecture series - Matt Carmichael
01/12/2018 Questions about the Nature and Character of God
02/12/2018 Alternative Advent - now running - catch up here
02/12/2018 Karl Barth, influential Swiss Protestant Theologian of 20th Century
03/12/2018 December 2018 Meeting
03/12/2018 Christmas Meal
04/12/2018 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century
04/12/2018 “What is the Bible?” by Rob Bell, Section 2
05/12/2018 The Lord’s Prayer - it’s meaning to Progressive Christians
09/12/2018 Monthly Meeting
11/12/2018 Open meeting all invited
11/12/2018 Still ‘Unapologetic’
12/12/2018 Monthly meeting December
13/12/2018 Apathy, Empathy or Discord – Christianity in a multifaith and secular world
14/12/2018 ‘Peace & Justice’
18/12/2018 Rupert Sheldrake follow up: The Science of Spiritual Practice
01/01/2019 Journey of Hope - a learning journey across the UK and Ireland over 6 months beginning in January 2019 until June 2019.
05/01/2019 Christmas Party
08/01/2019 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - The Teaching of Jesus
08/01/2019 Into the New Year - sharing our questions!
08/01/2019 What is the Bible?
09/01/2019 Black Sheep and Prodigals
10/01/2019 Black Sheep and Prodigals (an antidote to black and white religion).
13/01/2019 Thinking Allowed
14/01/2019 Regular Meeting
14/01/2019 January meeting: Are things getting better?
15/01/2019 Monthly meeting - January 2019
17/01/2019 Regular monthly meeting
19/01/2019 St Paul’s - opportunities for learning throughtout the year
19/01/2019 Singing Hymns Again For the First Time! -Hymns for a Progressive Faith
21/01/2019 Spiritual Elevator Pitches
22/01/2019 What is the Bible?
25/01/2019 ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch. 22 ‘The Creeds and the Trinity’
28/01/2019 Eight Points and the Bible
02/02/2019 Reclaiming evangelism: Positive liberal theologies of mission - Modern Church
02/02/2019 What can we glean of Jesus’ character from the gospels?
03/02/2019 Haunted by Christ: Modern Writers and the Struggle for Faith - Richard Harries
03/02/2019 John Dominic Crossan -Justice and the world
05/02/2019 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - The Teaching of Jesus
05/02/2019 A Churchless Faith?
06/02/2019 The Bad Christian’s manifesto
09/02/2019 A Beginners’ Guide to Christian Spirituality - St Paul’s, London
10/02/2019 Thinking Allowed
11/02/2019 Open Meeting
11/02/2019 February meeting: Conciousness
12/02/2019 The Ethics of Fair Trade
14/02/2019 The Power of Myth
19/02/2019 ‘The Man Who Built Peace’
19/02/2019 Is there life after church?
20/02/2019 Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama
21/02/2019 Regular monthly Group meeting
22/02/2019 ‘Correlation’
25/02/2019 Progressive Hymn Evening
26/02/2019 Monthly meeting February
27/02/2019 group monthly meeting
02/03/2019 “Singing Hymns again for the first time”.
02/03/2019 Christian ethics for the modern world
03/03/2019 The Merciful Humility of God with Jane Williams
03/03/2019 Mother Teresa of Kolkata, Radical or Traditional ?
05/03/2019 Insights for Christianity in the 21st Century - The Teaching of Jesus
05/03/2019 Faith Journeys
06/03/2019 The Place of the Eucharist in Progressive Worship
06/03/2019 The Story of Judas Iscariot
08/03/2019 Wondering and Wandering
09/03/2019 Stories around an Open Table - ecumenical Christian worship communities committed to LGBT inclusion March 2019
10/03/2019 Thinking Allowed: Progressive Evangelism
11/03/2019 Towards an individual response to immigration, asylum seekers and refugees.
12/03/2019 Perceptions of Christianity
13/03/2019 Love is His Meaning - Keith Ward (Formerly Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford)
13/03/2019 Love Is His Meaning: Understanding The Teaching Of Jesus
13/03/2019 Love is His Meaning - Keith Ward (Formerly Regius Professor of Divinity, Oxford)
14/03/2019 Montgomery Lecture: So Which God Don’t You Believe In?
14/03/2019 NB NEW details: March Meeting - Brexit: What would Jesus do?
16/03/2019 The Prophetic Imagination - Romero’s challenge to church and state
19/03/2019 Faith Journeys (continued)
21/03/2019 March Monthly meeting
23/03/2019 The Future of Faith lecture series - Alastair McIntosh
25/03/2019 ‘Two Places of Origin for the Christian Movement. James and the Church of Jerusalem: the Forgotten Elder Brother’.
27/03/2019 Jesus Christ:  the Unanswered Questions - Rowan Williams
29/03/2019 ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch. 21 ’ Heaven’
30/03/2019 Imagining Peace with Pádraig Ó Tuama at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine in Limehouse
01/04/2019 “Cut Off From the Mainland” Inspiration from island Ministers
02/04/2019 Regular Discussion Meeting - Cancelled
03/04/2019 The Passion of Jesus: Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter
06/04/2019 Reflections on the Resurrection narratives
07/04/2019 God Made Strange - Lucy Winkett
07/04/2019 Share a reading
13/04/2019 Passion and Resurrection Living Holy Week - James Milne
14/04/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive Communion service
26/04/2019 ‘Speaking Christian’ Ch.24 ‘The Lord’s Prayer’
29/04/2019 Ministry beyond Church
01/05/2019 “#She Too”
04/05/2019 How I become an interfaith minister
05/05/2019 The Paradox of Freedom - Bishop Graham Tomlin
05/05/2019 The Christian Gospel in a secular world
07/05/2019 Love Is His Meaning: Understanding The Teaching Of Jesus
08/05/2019 Next Group meeting
12/05/2019 Thinking Allowed: Incarnation
13/05/2019 May 2019 Meeting
13/05/2019 Sharing Sorrow, Bringing Hope
14/05/2019 ‘Perception’
14/05/2019 Monthly meeting May
15/05/2019 Discussion of Utube
16/05/2019 Regular monthly meeting
18/05/2019 Quiet ‘Day’ at St’ Chad’s
18/05/2019 Radical Discipleship Caring for the Stranger - Krish Kandiah
22/05/2019 group monthly meeting
23/05/2019 Environmental and Sustainability Responsibilities
29/05/2019 Awakening to a New Consciousness Annual Lecture @ Winchester University - Prof John F Haught
29/05/2019 May meeting of Aberdeen PCN group
30/05/2019 Holy Envy - Barbara Brown Taylor
31/05/2019 Who is a funeral for?
01/06/2019 Silence for Beginners - with Richard Carter
01/06/2019 Building bridges with those outside our tradition
02/06/2019 Awakening to a New Consciousness Annual Lecture - @ St James’, Piccadilly – Prof John F Haught
02/06/2019 Soren Kierkegaard
03/06/2019 June 2019 Meeting
04/06/2019 Love Is His Meaning: Understanding The Teaching Of Jesus
06/06/2019 Whither spirituality in a secular culture: a Quaker case study
08/06/2019 Human Flourishing on a Flourishing Earth. Finding a way together.
08/06/2019 ‘Religion and Atheism - Beyond the Divide?’
10/06/2019 How Faith Changes
11/06/2019 Annual meeting and planning for next year
12/06/2019 “Poets, Prophets and Protestors: Liberty, Christianity and the Future” - Mark Oakley
18/06/2019 Monthly meeting June
19/06/2019 open meeting all welcome
20/06/2019 Monthly Group meeting
25/06/2019 Why Jesus Matters
26/06/2019 group monthly meeting
28/06/2019 ‘Shared Humanity’
01/07/2019 Web site update
02/07/2019 Our Church By Marietta Kirkbride performed at Guildford URC
03/07/2019 The Resurrection and Ascension - a progressive view.
06/07/2019 Through Turmoil to Transformation
06/07/2019 The Bible can be bad
07/07/2019 Every Tribe: Diverse Saints in a Diverse World - Sharon Prentis
09/07/2019 PCN Summer Party with Desert Island Discs
09/07/2019 Rethinking Security
14/07/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive Christian gathering
16/07/2019 What a new Christianity for a new world will contain
20/07/2019 Good God! Sexuality and Gender Equality in the Church - Impossibility or Imperative?
26/07/2019 Yearly Planning Meeting
03/08/2019 How others see us
06/08/2019 Regular Discussion Meeting - Review and Planning
03/09/2019 Religion and Atheism - beyond the Divide
07/09/2019 Faith in Gloucestershire in the 20th Century - Oral History recordings
08/09/2019 Thinking Allowed - Tree of Life Interfaith & Intercommunal Celebration
09/09/2019 The Pulpit and Politics
09/09/2019 Life Death and Everything - Free to Believe
10/09/2019 Discussion of book: Looking in the Distance - the Human Search for Meaning, by Richard Holloway
10/09/2019 Discussion on helpful metaphors and images
14/09/2019 Multi-faith tent at Pride in Gloucestershire
17/09/2019 #SheToo. Part 2
19/09/2019 Regular monthly Group meeting
23/09/2019 Flood Stories
24/09/2019 Monthly meeting September
25/09/2019 Regular Monthly Gathering
25/09/2019 Regular Monthly Gathering
25/09/2019 group monthly meeting
27/09/2019 Relocating the dynamics of the early church into the 21st century
28/09/2019 Science and the Language of Prayer
28/09/2019 Regular Meeting
30/09/2019 Are we progressive Christians?
01/10/2019 Religion and Atheism - beyond the Divide
03/10/2019 Free Events in St Paul’s Cathedral
03/10/2019 Where Love Is The Way:  The Jesus Movement Now - Michael Curry
05/10/2019 Lectures in Radical Christian Faith - Revd Canon Mark Oakley
05/10/2019 Godless Morality
08/10/2019 Personal Journeys
08/10/2019 Galilee Forum - With the End in Mind
13/10/2019 Thinking Differently - St Martins in the Fields
13/10/2019 Thinking Allowed Progressive gathering
13/10/2019 The Cross
15/10/2019 Reflections on PCN Conference `Religion and Atheism, Beyond the Divide`
15/10/2019 October meeting
17/10/2019 Regular monthly meeting
23/10/2019 Radical God
23/10/2019 group monthly meeting
24/10/2019 ST GEORGE’S COMMUNITY LECTURE SERIES 2019-2020 - “What can we really believe about Jesus Christ?”
25/10/2019 Bring a hymn, poem or image which has significance for you
26/10/2019 Project Bonhoeffer Conference: Faith in Our Democracy -by Project Bonhoeffer
28/10/2019 ‘Funeral liturgy and practice’.
28/10/2019 Karen Armstrong’s unfolding theology
29/10/2019 Apocalypse Now?
29/10/2019 We Need To Talk About Race: Black Experience in White Majority Churches
02/11/2019 Godless Morality
03/11/2019 The Sacramental Sea:  A Spiritual Voyage: Edmund Newell
03/11/2019 The Resurrection
05/11/2019 What Does PCN Britain Do, Where Is It Going
06/11/2019 The Church in Sweden
06/11/2019 Yemen
09/11/2019 Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “The trials of our times”
10/11/2019 Thinking Aloud Allowed: Remembrance as a validation of our own experience
11/11/2019 Regular Meeting
12/11/2019 Open discussion – Ideas for future
12/11/2019 An interactive evening on a theme from the bible
16/11/2019 Regular Meeting
18/11/2019 The Quality of Mercy in Poetry
18/11/2019 The Life and Theology of R S Thomas
20/11/2019 The Bible can be funny
21/11/2019 Regular monthly Group meetinge
22/11/2019 PCN Members’ Residential 2019
25/11/2019 A New Mythology
26/11/2019 Art Reflection
27/11/2019 God With Us: Seeing the Christmas Stories with Fresh Eyes, Paula Gooder
27/11/2019 group monthly meeting
27/11/2019 Talk about the ethics of organ transplants
28/11/2019 ST GEORGE’S COMMUNITY LECTURE SERIES 2019-2020 -“Thank God for Equal Marriage”
29/11/2019 Looking forward to Christmas?
01/12/2019 PCN Exeter - Advent Gathering
01/12/2019 Matthews Message for Christmas
03/12/2019 Taking Progressive Christianity Forward
07/12/2019 Godless Morality - part 3
08/12/2019 Thinking Aloud Allowed - December
10/12/2019 Christmas Time
10/12/2019 Hymns without Sin!
11/12/2019 Pre-Christmas social get-together
13/12/2019 The Mystics of the Christian Tradition
19/12/2019 Christmas celebration
04/01/2020 Bring and Share
07/01/2020 Working with Children to explore Christianity
12/01/2020 Thinking Allowed January
13/01/2020 Looking back and forwards and PCN Film project helping the process
14/01/2020 2020 January meeting
14/01/2020 Prayer from a Progressive Perspective
15/01/2020 Open Meeting
16/01/2020 Regular monthly Group meeting
21/01/2020 PCN Oakham Group
22/01/2020 monthly group meeting
27/01/2020 Looking again at the New Testament stories
27/01/2020 Women in Ministry & the future of the C of E
29/01/2020 The Bible can be Sad
31/01/2020 The Interface between Christianity and Buddhism
01/02/2020 What do Unitarians believe?
02/02/2020 Remembering the SHOAH
04/02/2020 Taking Progressive Christianity Forward
09/02/2020 Thinking Allowed with Communion
11/02/2020 2020 February meeting
11/02/2020 Religion and Atheism
11/02/2020 INSTEAD
20/02/2020 Regular monthly Group meeting
24/02/2020 The Spirit Level
24/02/2020 Is faith good for our well-being?
26/02/2020 Misquoting Jesus in the Bible
27/02/2020 How Jews and Christians read the Bible
27/02/2020 How Jews & Christians Read the Bible
29/02/2020 St. Mark’s CRC invites you to a celebration
01/03/2020 I believe ‘God’ is just a word
02/03/2020 March 2020 Meeting
02/03/2020 How Jews & Christians Read the Bible
04/03/2020 Progressing Progressive Christianity
07/03/2020 Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy and Climate
07/03/2020 Renewal and Rebellion: Faith, Economy and Climate
07/03/2020 How to read the Bible and still be a Christian
08/03/2020 Monthly Meeting
09/03/2020 Christianity what’s it all about?
10/03/2020 March Meeting
10/03/2020 Easter Myths and Traditions
11/03/2020 Global Dangers
15/03/2020 So what’s the story?
19/03/2020 Regular monthly Group meeting
21/03/2020 **CANCELLED** PCN Britain’s 2020 AGM and conference
21/03/2020 **CANCELLED** Challenging Faith?
25/03/2020 The passion of Jesus: Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter
25/03/2020 monthly group meeting
28/03/2020 CANCELLED - “Sea of Faith Network London Day Conference 2020”
30/03/2020 Another PCN Film
30/03/2020 The Value of Myth
05/04/2020 The Pilgrim Fathers; their story for us today
07/04/2020 Richard Harries exposing apologetics in a sceptical age. 9 Church Times)
07/04/2020 Richard Harries exposing apologetics in a sceptical age. ( Church Times)
08/04/2020 Who’s knocking at my door?
14/04/2020 An evening considering ‘Spirituality’
16/04/2020 Online services for Easter 2020 - Open Table
22/04/2020 “The Cross as the moment of Glory – He did not die for your sins”.
25/04/2020 **CANCELLED** Thinking Science, Thinking Faith
25/04/2020 An evening with Dave Tomlinson
27/04/2020 Being Christian living alongside people of different religious faiths
04/05/2020 Outgrowing Dawkins
13/05/2020 Understanding and Critiquing Religion - John Holroyd
18/05/2020 Who Wrote the Bible?
15/06/2020 Tbc
22/06/2020 Summer Social
27/07/2020 New Monasticism
30/07/2020 Free to Believe National Conference 2020
30/07/2020 Free to Believe National Conference 2020