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Contact Details

Convenor: Ken and Joyce Ellis
Location: Norwich
Phone: 01362 853626

About Us

Fishpond has no formal membership, but currently have as regular participants Quakers, Anglicans, URC and Baptists, Unitarians, and some are what are often called 'members of the Church Alumni Association', having finally left their various churches. However, we are careful to ensure that Fishpond does not become a surrogate church!

The one condition of participation in the group is that what is said in our discussions together stays within the group. That way, everyone feels free to voice what they are really thinking, without being constrained by what has usually caused them to join us in the first place - fear of being labelled 'heretic' or worse.

If you are anywhere near Norwich on the last Friday of any month (except December!) a cup is reserved for your refreshments and also a seat for your participation in the discussion!

Venue & Meeting Times

We meet in the Common Room at a sheltered housing complex where one of our members lives, on the last Friday of every month. This is at Felbrigg Green, Merchant Way, Hellesdon, Norwich NR6 5HS.

We start promptly at 10am and end equally promptly at 11.30am - which ensures that everyone knows exactly when they can get away afterwards! Refreshments are always available!

We tend not to have a planned programme, although from time to time we do a short series, perhaps a video or a section from a book. We find that one month's discussion always leads fruitfully on to the subject for the following month.

We also have the occasional meeting which carries over into a shared lunch. It's a good way of getting to know the members on a more personal level.

Group History

Fishpond was formally established as a PCN Group in late 2012 from an original informal group of friends who had been meeting together for eight years. From an original six, we now number close to thirty, the original group being enhanced by the Hickling (Shoreline) Group who join us each time.

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