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Contact Details

Convenor: Norman Burnell
Location: Kendal Ecumenical
Phone: 01539 737432

About Us

This group has now stopped meeting.  You are welcome to get in touch with Norman if you wish to meet progressive Christians in the area.  In November 2016 Norman wrote:

“The group came about as a result of the northern launch of PCNB, addressed by Jack Spong in Kendal United Reformed Church. Was that really in 2003?
Activity and strength has varied over the intervening years, always under the wing of KEG (Kendal Ecumenical Group). We have been flagging for some time as our members have grown older. We have now reached the point where KEG itself has now wound up its charity registration and our local PCN group has quietly faded away. Several members still share their PC interests of course, indeed some of us still promote Progressive Christianity wherever opportunity presents and maintain personal PCNB membership. Best wishes to all you local groups who are able to keep up the good work. Norman Burnell”

Venue & Meeting Times

Currently we have no meetings planned. See ‘about us’ above. Some of us are active supporters of South Lakes Interfaith Forum.

Group History

Extensive. We have given up trying to condense it. If you are really interested, just ask.

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