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Convenor: David Wood
Location: East Shropshire

About Us

We offer a welcome to people at any stage on their ‘faith journey’.  Anyone wishing to explore issues of spirituality and Christian faith in an open-minded way is welcome at East Shropshire PCN (ESPCN).  Please feel welcome to come along and try us out or contact David (see right for contact details).

Pictured: Dr Val Webb speaking in Albrighton in April, 2015. Click through the images for more of Val and also of the group.

Dr Val Webb’s talk, ‘In Defence of Doubt’, part of a UK tour, was inspiring and straight-talking, pointing out that doubt is a positive, lying between faith and no-faith.  People should not be frightened of losing their faith by questioning and faith should be capable of being tested and questioned like any other discipline.  She wears her considerable scholarship lightly and the feedback from people attending has been very positive.


Venue & Meeting Times

We meet monthly on Monday nights at 7.15pm at St Mary’s Church Centre in High Street, Albrighton, near Wolverhampton WV7 3EQ.  Our meetings consist of discussions, talks and films with the occasional meal out at local pub.

For programme details see the panel on the right. 

For information on our programme, or to discuss any aspect of it, please feel welcome to contact David Wood, the Convenor.

Group History

We began meeting in summer 2011 after David Cotterell, a member of the congregation at St Mary’s, had invited John Churcher to give a talk which sparked interest in progressive Christianity.  Encouraged by the then vicar, Jill Warren, who was not a member, David formed a PCN group and over time, our group has settled down to a regular 12 - 16 attendees at meetings. 

Not so many people attend meetings as at the beginning but those who do report that trust between the members has grown and we find discussion much easier now.  We really would welcome more people at meetings: those who have not been for a while or anyone who would like to try out an open-minded and inclusive group of people who are attempting to follow The Way.

Our list of topics discussed or studied is long and varied and includes:  drugs, fundamentalism, St John’s Gospel, pilgrimage, the Jewish roots of Christianity, progressive models for church, the history of marriage in the Bible, the myths of Christmas and reports from national conferences and meetings.

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