Book Launch - JESUS TODAY - a Quaker perspective

In July we had the launch of a book which grew out of our meetings over the last few years.

The author is Convenor of this group and is willing to run a workshop for groups who are interested in exploring some of the ideas contained in this book.

JESUS TODAY - a Quaker perspective, by Michael Wright
ISBN 978-1-912218-57-8 £9.99

The book is available locally on Teesside at Drake’s Bookshop, Silver Street, Stockton; Guisborough Bookshop; W.H. Smith at Teesside Park; Great Ayton Community Library; Great Ayton Book Emporium; and can be ordered from any bookshop. Also from Quaker Meetings at Middlesbrough, Great Ayton and Darlington.

It is available free of charge as an ebook from either: Smashwords; Kobo; Barnes & Noble; Amazon.

Jesus is a name we all recognise, but few people these days really know much about him, his personality or his teaching. For many he is as he appears in stained glass windows, or in hymns with words like “now above the sky he’s king, where the angels ever sing”, or nailed to a cross - dead. None of these present the lively radical teacher, poet, and healer that he was in his prime.

A great deal of new knowledge about Jesus and the time in which he lived has become available in recent years. Few people in Quaker meetings or in churches are aware of much of it.

Michael Wright is a Quaker. Before that he was an Anglican priest. He has for many years engaged Quakers, Methodists, Anglicans and Roman Catholics in exploring some of this modern perspective of Jesus. Many who come to discover more about Jesus find that he challenges, motivates, encourages and inspires them in ways which the traditional Christ of faith often does not. This book invites readers to discover more about Jesus, and also something of a Quaker perspective on him.

Having found the Quaker way one which has given his spiritual practice a new lease of life, Michael commends it to others, whether Quakers or not. He has found that Quaker ways can also help enrich the lives of those who belong to other religious communities at the same time as sharing in aspects of Quaker life and worship.

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