Shoreline (Norfolk Broads)

We are a core group of five people- sometimes joined by members of Fishpond (Norwich). We meet every Thursday at 2.00 p.m. in a member’s house. Between us we attend various Churches and none. We are grateful for, and frequently use PCN’s library of DVDs and tapes as well as attending conferences and weekends when we can. We will be revisiting Richard Holloway’s talk at the Honest to God Conference, which we all attended, and have just received the DVD of the Gretta Vosper presentation in London. These inputs engender and feed our discussions along with local and national events and the Church press. We have discussed the new Eight Points and will respond as individuals in due course. Since we believe we must take action on peace and justice issues, as well as talk about them, we collect for Wateraid, support a local homeless charity at Christmas and organise, all through the year, the collection and delivery of goods, from four villages, for the Norwich Foodbank. We join in with Fishpond Meetings in Norwich on the last Friday of the month and have enjoyed discussion on many and varied subjects. We take time to share and support one another through life’s joys and challenges. We relish the freedom to share, question, disagree, learn and laugh together. We welcome visitors and enquirers. To know more please contact Julia Morris on 01692 598538.

Group Bulletins