Message from Frank Jan 4th 2011

Our next PCN meeting is this coming Saturday, Jan 9th – 2.30 as usual. We hall be soldiering on with Brueggemans DVD section 4 “ An act of imagination”. (“Imagine all people living in peace “.. Imagine – by John Lennon.) We are invited to prepare for this by brooding on Psalm 73. James (Tawse) Has been following the series on the writing of the King James Bible and has found it a fascinating story...Radio 4 at 8.30 p.m. Today – James Naughtie will be talking about the translation. – series of four. Probably available on i-player. We hope you have had a happy Christmas and New Year celebration. Wendy and I have- despite the limitations of a flooded house – which is not likely to be renovated for another two months. We are very grateful to have had much help from friends, especially Mike and Mavis who have let us use a ‘granny’ flat part of their house. A lifesaver! Apologies that our group report did not appear in the last PCN bulletin - I sent it in but it must have got lost in the internet! We are reminded that now is the time to renew our membership subscriptions. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Frank G.

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