Hickling’s Shoreline meets weekly on Thursday afternoons, as we feel this gives us a needed sense of connectedness and continuity. New members and occasional visitors are always welcome to come to our informal gatherings. We also, as a group, travel monthly to the Norwich 'Fishpond' meeting. It's good to be surrounded by different viewpoints on our joint journey of questioning and learning. We are currently viewing 'Living the Questions 2' - some are new to the series and others of us have seen them more than once. But all agree that they are a wonderful resource. What is interesting is how the views of many of us have changed since we first saw the dvd two years ago - several of our members have 'de-churched' themselves, while others have become involved with Quaker and Unitarian meetings. Still others have decided to remain in their established churches and work for change from the inside. As a group, we are also looking forward to the 50th anniversary conference in November on 'Honest to God', a book which is just as relevant today as it was when it was first published. Shoreline is also involved in the local FoodBank programme and were very pleased to find out that our small group's collections have donated the most food in our region so far this year. Several of us are planning to attend an area get-together where we will hear more about the important work of FoodBank and have a chance to talk to representatives of the different agencies which put clients in touch with FoodBank.

Group Bulletins