Frank Godfrey Letter of 10 Feb

There were several suggestions for theme for our next - March 2nd -meeting, Wendy (Hymns that speak for us) Andy ( reviewing the 8 points) and Eric’s earlier suggestion re -PCN style worship?. All were appreciated, but none, I thought, received immediate group acceptance as ’the next thing to do’ . Pondering this I have concluded that we needed another ‘ H to G’ session to which all of us could contribute our questions and convictions -especially as some of our group were not able to be with us last time. I offer some queries below which on which you may reflect in preparation for next meeting. I think it might be valuable to record our group’s responses to’ H to G ‘ Hope this is OK with you. Any suggestions for further questions will be welcome. Are there any parts of ‘H to G’ you found hard to accept? Any you found liberating and helpful? Any you found puzzling? What do you think about JR’s rejection of ‘supernatural’ concepts of God? What do you think of JR’s re-interpretation of the atonement? Robinson – and Bonhoeffer -want to distinguish between ‘religion’ . and ‘Christianity’. What is the distinction? Is it valid? Does ‘finding God in the depth’ ring true from your experience?

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