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I thought Andy did an excellent presentation of the theme of "The Dysfunctional Family which describes the three monotheistic religions.. Acknowledging that he had not found it an easy book to summarise he nevertheless gave us a great deal to think about -, much to test out our own assumptions and attitudes. Judaism does not regard its scrptures (ie our O.T.) in a fundamentalist or literalist way. Indeed it is not so much the scriptures as the Rabbinic writings the Talmud which are the focus of their life and their debate.. All three faiths reveal tribalistic loyalties whic means we must beware of assuming the whole is like the part that we are experiencing! Learning how they live is more significant than discussiog thie doctrines and scriptures. Love, loving kindness, compassion is homoured in all three traditions as is concern for the poor.- Missions for the conversion of unbelievers find their place in all three religins but are experienced as insulting by those who receive them. Christian evangelicals will find any reassessment of ths as a priority uncomfortable The PCN assertion 2 needs to be shared "Recognise the faithjfulness of other peopl who have other names for the gateway to God's realm and acknowledge that their ways are true for them as our ways are true for us." I think we shall want to follow up this exploration further. Next meeting, June 1st. Eric Massey will be with us and lead a workshop on what we would want to see in PCN worship Frank G

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