What’s in a name?

Anyone looking for Beyond Belief may have their work cut out ...
Sadly our group which started back in 2015 became unviably small and so fell into abeyance. Meanwhile, some members had found others who were interested in something similar but with a different emphasis. An amalgamation, if you will, of people who were meeting in a Progressive housegroup locally, some from the original Beyond Belief group and others from a church background who were seeking something different from the traditional church service in which to explore their developing faith. We still needed a safe respectful environment to have those discussions which might cause some to label the group ‘heretic’, but without treading these less travelled paths (or are they?) growth can be stunted. And so Thinking Aloud Allowed was born. Meeting in a church it does come under the category worship - but discussion is usually the main thrust of the evening. It is very much open to all-comers as we are genuinely interested in other points of view, understandings, faiths and so on. As long as the discussions remain respectful and caring. Our aim? We are working on that, but I think we’d all agree that bringing about what Jesus is said to have referred to as ‘the Kingdom of God’ here and now, in this world is one that is up there.
We’re always interested to hear from people so do be in touch - either by email or via the Facebook page or on Twitter.

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