Autumn programme 2012

It was decided that we would use a book as the focus and theme of most meetings in the current session, and "Speaking Christian" by Marcus Borg was chosen. This book is readily available in paperback (ISBN is 978-0-281-06508-0, published by SPCK). In this book, Borg challenges the traditional concepts of what he calls "Heaven and Hell Christianity" by redefing many hackneyed phrases in the light of progressive thinking. It is always difficult to shake off the "baggage" that goes with many christian phrases - such as "salvation" - but this book attempts to rescue them for a new generation. Although not essential in order to attend, most people have found it helpful to have their own copy of the book and to read the relevent section in advance of the meeting. However, we will vary the programme in one or two months to ensure there is variety of material and interest.

Group Bulletins