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Convenor: Gabrielle Ayerst
Location: Berwick and Borders
Phone: 01289 302680

About Us

Our group has now been in existence for nearly four years and we meet every third/fourth Wednesday of each month, except August from 3pm - 5pm at a group member’s home. This includes a cup or two of tea/coffee and delicious cake afterwards or is preceded by a simple meal.

New members continue to join us while some have left for a number of reasons and there are currently twelve active members in the group.

All are of course welcome to join us.  Please contact Gabrielle for more information.

Venue & Meeting Times

We meet every third Wednesday of each month, except August from 3pm - 5pm at a group member’s home. We may be changing soon to the fourth Wednesday of each month so that a regular member can continue to come; so please do check with me if you plan to come along and you will be made very welcome.

Group History

We began our group with the excellent ‘Living the Questions’ course, which
generated stimulating and interesting discussion and gave us much food for thought. We are now running the course again focusing more on the written material interspersed with different members leading us in discussion on different themes of interest and concern to them,

Late last year, four of us went to St Anthony’s Priory at Durham for the day’s conference on ‘A Jesus Shaped Church’ lead by Canon Adrian Alker. While his ideas were quite radical, I, Gabrielle certainly enjoyed discussing the differences between the Jesus of the Creeds and the Jesus of history. The visual pictures and images to accompany the talks and discussion were excellent and the views and ideas of those present were very wide-ranging. The food was also excellent!

Early in 2014, to bring the New Year in, 10 of us met for a bring and share lunch and Pat McCullock, the Convenor of the Newcastle group was able to join us. Before we eat, we used the Emmaus Communion meal liturgy from the PCN website, which was very powerful. During our lunch, different members offered us some food for thought between courses and we ended up discussing PCN’s eight points.

At our next meeting on Wednesday, February 19th, a member will be leading us in discussion on John Robinson’s book, ‘Honest to God’, 50 years on, and will reflect on an article he found on the ‘Thinking Anglicans’ website and the resource material from the PCN’s conference on the same.

In March, we will be meeting on the fourth Wednesday,22nd. We have yet to decide whether some of us might like to go to the lenten discussion(s)  at 12.30pm in St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle, (lunch provided afterwards) where the discussion will be about former Bishop David Jenkins. Gabrielle

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