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What do we mean by Resurrection?


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At the PCN Birmingham meeting on Monday 3 April 2017, we considered the book, True Resurrection (H A Williams, 1972). Our discussion centred on the thought that bodily resurrection was clearly not on the cards, but continual reappraisal of one’s understanding in the light of events (whether personal or in the world around) was acceptable as a more appropriate understanding of the word. Easter was very much on our minds, and we discussed the need to avoid unquestioning acceptance of the literal gospel story. ‘True resurrection’ might then be possible, for us in the meeting at least, in terms of an (annual?) opportunity to reflect on the past and to allow meaning and future intent to develop out of that contemplation. Other Birmingham group members might wish to comment further, as I may have misrepresented their thoughts, and I have encouraged them all to look at the forum.