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Assisted Dying


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Assisted dying is something back in the headlines again. As spiritual people this is something we probably are asked to give our opinion on.

I have a friend who is a committed Catholic and staunchly opposed to any prospect of assisted dying, for both spiritual reasons and fear of some form of political involvement (if anyone remembers the sci-fi series Logan’s Run, something along those lines is his point).

For me personally, if I have one fear it would be being trapped in my own body, an active mind but physically unable to do anything. I have seen someone suffer in a similar way following a serious stroke, only for his wife to pass away prior to him. The grief and the pain he endured when he was told will always stay with me.

My belief is we have all been given our own minds, and whilst we are of sound mind we should be able to make a choice on how we depart this world in some form of Living Will.

It would be interesting to hear others views based on a Christian perspective.