What is this Place?  Who are these People?

A week long gathering on Iona with the Wild Goose Resource Group & Friends.

Start Date:
Saturday 28th July 2012
Start Time:
John Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule

‘What is this place, who are these people?’ is one in a series of events led by the Wild Goose Resource Group with invited experts in participative liturgical renovation, using both centres on Iona to allow as diverse a group as possible to develop skills for use in local congregations. This particular gathering will, amongst other things, look at the places where we worship and whether they fulfil God’s purpose, in order to identify some creative solutions to make them more responsive and appropriate for use; and equally importantly… the people who gather there and whether the words, music, symbols and patterns of ctivity speak to them and for them. The Wild Goose Resource Group will be leading the week’s workshops, more than ably abetted by three of Scotland’s most expert creative liturgical artists & musicians: Jane Bentley, Steve Butler & Carol Marples. There will be plenty of singing, plenty of dreaming, plenty of people seeking ‘new ways to touch the hearts of all’. Each day has a range of activities: re-exploring the Bible, developing new musical repertoire, discovering hidden creative talent, and singing and praying together in a place which has been a cradle of Christian renewal since 563 when Columba lilted a Gaelic psalm. The last five events have featured, amongst other things, how to teach songs to the unsinging, biblical film-making (which reduced Hollywood to insignificance), drumming for the arrhythmic, ‘Musica Scotticana’ for Sassenachs (a Scots word for foreigners), drystone dykeing with cardboard boxes and filling the Abbey cloisters with piles of re-cycled waste. This event will contain seminars and workshops on one, some, or all of the above. As always, Scottish-based participants are warmly encouraged to book in advance despite the fact that the wee island isn’t far from Glasgow (though it’s quicker to fly to Montreal!).

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