Understanding and Critiquing Religion - John Holroyd

Understanding and Critiquing Religion - John Holroyd

Following the publication of his book, Judging Religion A Dialogue for Our Time, John Holroyd is running an on-line Zoom course entitled Understanding and Critiquing Religion.

The course proper begins on Wednesday 13th May. It is a ten week course on Wednesday afternoons/evenings from 5pm - 7pm. The cost is £75 for the course

Start Date:
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Start Time:
john holroyd [mailto:johnholroyd100@gmail.com]
john holroyd [mailto:johnholroyd100@gmail.com]
John Holroyd

My book Judging Religion A Dialogue for Our Time indicates that much of my thinking is about appraisals of faiths in a fast changing world. I am passionate about the importance of seeking to understand religion and discuss such issues with others. This strikes me as especially important in parts of the world such as northern Europe where, against the flow of more global trends, society is becoming increasingly secular and religions and religious people appear increasingly unusual or even alien. The more global trends however do not indicate an increasingly secular world and the very many forces of religion and secularism will not keep these worlds apart. As such we are all offered options of bewilderment as we look with incomprehension and even alarm at people who live lifestyles very different from our own. The alternative to bewilderment is of course engagement.

I believe very much in the importance of people engaging with each other who hold very different views and have contrasting life experiences. Here are the richest sources of learning for us all.

Understanding and Critiquing Religion - John Holroyd

John studied Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies at King’s College, London in the 1980s and has since taught Religious Studies and Philosophy in schools in and around London. I currently teach philosophy at the London School of Philosophy. I also teach philosophy at the Critical Thinking Circle in Penge in south London. My book Judging Religion: A Dialogue for Our Time was published with Silverwood Books on 4th September 2019.

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