Third Thursdays: Einstein’s God #7

Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. Albert Einstein

Start Date:
Thursday 16th May 2013
Start Time:
St Columba’s, Oxford United Reformed Church (Alfred St.)

​​From October, you are invited to join in conversations about science and faith on the third Thursday evening of the month, 7:30-9pm, in the Bill Thomson Room of St Columba’s, Oxford United Reformed Church (Alfred St.) . We’ll be discussing diverse topics from evolution to the impact of stress on the body to quarks and depression, using the book Einstein’s God: Conversations about science and the human spirit. Einstein’s God features an edited collection of Krista Tippett’s interviews with diverse scientists from her American Public Media radio show On Being (; podcasts available).

Here is the 2013 lineup: 18 Oct Introduction and Ch. 1: Einstein’s God 15 Nov Ch. 8: Stress and the balance within 17 Jan Ch. 2: The biology of the Spirit 21 Feb Ch. 4: Evolution and wonder 21 Mar Ch. 9: The soul in depression 18 April Ch. 7: Getting revenge and forgiveness 16 May Ch. 10: Quarks and creation 20 June Ch. 3: Heart and soul (in medicine) Please purchase the book, which can be found on Amazon and through other internet booksellers. (There will be a few copies available for purchase at the October meeting for newcomers-come-lately.) And please read the relevant chapter in advance of each conversation if possible. These questions may help your engagement with the text: What surprised, challenged or inspired you? What in your life experience confirms or conflicts with anything you read? For more information or to register your intended attendance, email Carla at

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