Thinking Allowed

Speaker : John Churcher, Chair of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain. Lecture : Reading the Gospel Attributed to Mark as Social Commentary.

Start Date:
Monday 21st November 2011
Start Time:
Cairns Church, Buchanan Street, Milngavie, Glasgow, G62 8AW
John Churcher

“If you accept uncritically and blindly, then it’s clear that you don’t have a lot of love for the truth. You have a love for what people tell you.” [Cornel West in “Hope on a Tightrope”, 2008] There is a ‘hidden’ text throughout the four Gospels. However, it was not hidden to the original listeners. Much of the content of the four Gospels is social commentary and should be read that way. John Churcher will explore this through the Gospel attributed to Mark. John is an ordained Methodist Minister without specific pastoral responsibilities. A major part of his current ministry is that of an Internet pastor. He offers a ‘support’ ministry especially to those on the edge of Church life. As part of his ministry, “Permission to Speak”, John preaches, delivers seminars and workshops, and writes articles and books. In 2008 and 2010 he undertook preaching / seminar tours in USA and Canada. He is the current Chair of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain. He published his first theological book “Setting Jesus Free” in December 2009. Since then he has co-authored two short books for individual study and/or group discussions: “Through Advent to Epiphany” and “From Epiphany to Easter”. A third study book in the series is in preparation to cover the period between Easter and Pentecost.

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