The Saltaire and the Cross

Scottish Church Theology Society THE SALTIRE AND THE CROSS - Church, State and National Identity

Start Date:
Monday 13th January 2014
Start Time:
Crieff Hydro
Jock Stein, 35 Dunbar Rd, Haddington EH41 3PJ
Prof. Ted Cowan, Most Revd Dr Mario Conti, Rt Hon. Alex Salmond MSP, Dr Doug Gay, Prof. Will Storrar, Dr Alison Elliott

1. A General Historical View: Prof. Ted Cowan (Monday 8.15pm)

2. Church State Relations - A Catholic view: Most Revd Dr Mario Conti (Tuesday 10am)

3. A Political View: Rt Hon. Alex Salmond MSP (Tuesday 8.15pm) Communion (Wednesday 10am) followed by AGM

4. A Theological view: (1) Dr Doug Gay (Wednesday 8.15pm)

5. A Theological view (2): Prof. Will Storrar (Thursday 10am)

6. Where now? Church and State in Scotland - Panel: Chaired by Dr Alison Elliott (Thursday evening)

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