The Sacramental Sea:  A Spiritual Voyage: Edmund Newell

The Sacramental Sea:  A Spiritual Voyage: Edmund Newell

Why do so many people feel a spiritual connection with the sea? Edmund Newell’s research shows that throughout history, the sea has been associated with religious experience and that the sea is highly sacramental, speaking powerfully of God.

Start Date:
Sunday 3rd November 2019
Start Time:
St Paul's Cathedral, London
Edmund Newell

His new book explores the sea in Christian history, theology and spirituality. It moves from the Bible to the present day, via, among others, St Augustine, Christopher Columbus, William Shakespeare and John Donne, the scientists of the Enlightenment and the great hymn-writers of the 19th century. In this talk, he will explore some of what the sea has meant spiritually over the centuries, and challenge us to see the current dangerous rises in sea-levels worldwide as not only an environmental crisis, but a spiritual one as well.

Canon Dr Edmund Newell is the Principal of Cumberland Lodge, and was formerly Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sub-Dean of Christ Church, Oxford and Research Fellow at Nuffield College Oxford. His latest book is The Sacramental Sea: A Spiritual Voyage though Christian History (DLT 2019).

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