The Paradox of Freedom - Bishop Graham Tomlin

The Paradox of Freedom - Bishop Graham Tomlin

Jesus says that the truth will set us free. But it turns out freedom is a surprisingly complex idea. What does it really mean to be free? What kind of freedom do we need in the modern world? How can Christian visions of freedom engage with contrasting ideologies and traditions?

Start Date:
Sunday 5th May 2019
Start Time:
St Paul's Cathedral, London
Bishop Graham Tomlin

Graham Tomlin will explore a distinctively Christian vision of freedom set against a backdrop of rising polarisation, division and competing views of what makes for good social and personal liberties in our times. He will offer a vision of how and why Christian understandings of freedom work for personal flourishing and build stronger communities than many popular secular versions of the idea.

The Rt Revd Graham Tomlin is the Bishop of Kensington and the President of St Mellitus College for training clergy in the Diocese of London. He has taught theology at Oxford University and his latest book is Bound to be Free: The Paradox of Freedom (Bloomsbury 2017).

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