The New Testament - Jack Spong on ‘where does fact stop and myth begin?’

JACK SPONG IS AN INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER AND THIS IS HIS LAST TOUR TO THE UK John Shelby Spong the well known author and scholar is taking part in the annual “Thinking Allowed” lecture series at Cairns Parish Church, Glasgow, in association with Orchardhill Parish Church, Glasgow, and supported by PCN West of Scotland & PCN Britain.

Start Date:
Thursday 2nd June 2011
Start Time:
Cairns Church, Milngavie, Glasgow
Chris Vermeulen
Bishop John Shelby Spong

Jack Spong is America’s best known and most controversial Anglican Bishop and author of bestselling books like “Eternal Life: A New Vision”, “Jesus for the Non Religious”, “Sins of Scripture”, “Why Christianity Must Change or Die” and many other publications. We in Cairns recognise an important distinction between religious needs and spiritual needs. We believe that everyone has spiritual needs - searchings longings, questions about what it is to be human and what life is about - but that not everyone seeks to answer these in a religious way, or by belonging to a church. However they are expressed, we consider these deep spiritual needs to be a valid and important in their own right, and we believe it is central to our role, as a community-committed church, to help people to voice their questions about life and its meaning and to seek answers to them, whether these answers take a ‘religious’ form or not. If their search leads people into the congregation, they will find a welcome, but our concern for them and our openness to them is unconditional.

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