The Necessity of Hope

The Necessity of Hope

The Necessity of Hope is the Sea of Faith Network’s 31st Annual Conference.

Start Date:
Tuesday 24th July 2018
Start Time:
University of Leicester
Sea of Faith
0151 632 4385
Richard Norman, Dinah Livingstone
Residential: £210/£130/£75 Day attendance: £115/£65 (prices increase after 15th June)

Hope has been described as having and not-having at the same time. To hope is to own the prospect of something other and better than what now is. It doesn’t happen of itself, but has to be learned. And if it is not to be mere wishful thinking it calls to be acted upon.

This is the theme that will be explored at the 2018 conference. The programme is being designed to draw on the diverse knowledge and experience of SOF members and supporters and others who will be present at the event. Base groups will provide an opportunity for shared reflection as the conference unfolds; in the forum sessions there will be workshops, seminars, and discussions devoted to specific topics; and at regular intervals, members will be giving short talks on issues of particular interest to them.

Two longer talks are included, one from a guest speaker and one from a SOF member.

Our guest speaker is Richard Norman, Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Kent and Vice-President of Humanists UK. He is co-editor with Anthony Carroll of “Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide”, a book he describes as all about Dialogue.

The SOF speaker is Dinah Livingstone whose talk is entitled “Hope for Humanity – A Theology of Liberation and the Beautiful City”. Dinah is editor of Sofia and a member of the London group. Her most recent publication is “The Making of Humanity – Poetic Vision and Kindness”.

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