The Journey Home

The Journey Home

A leading Quaker writer from London speaks about the spiritual meaning of ‘home’.

Start Date:
Friday 21st February 2014
Start Time:
London Centre for Spirituality, Church of St Edmund the King Lombard
020 7621 1391
Jennifer Kavanagh
Website: journey-home-tickets-9157415075

What does the word “home” mean to you? Home is not just four walls or the country in which we were born. It is not a locked door, an investment, a legal address, or a nation with rigid borders.

Home is where the heart is: a yearning for a precious past, a dream of something that has never been, or a present reality. In relationship – with our families, in community, and with the whole of creation. But we will never be at home unless we are at home to ourselves. Home is where we all want to be. This evening is an opportunity to explore just what it means. Come along and play the game!

Jennifer Kavanagh is a former literary agent, who spent nearly 30 years in publishing. She now sets up micro-credit programmes, mainly in Africa, and is a facilitator for the conflict resolution programme, Alternatives to Violence project. Jennifer lives in London, England. She is a Quaker, an associate tutor at the Quaker study centre, Woodbrooke, and she writes and speaks regularly on the Spirit-led life. She is the author of six books.

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