The Core of Religion

Karen Armstrong is giving the Annual Younghusband Lecture for the World Congress of Faiths. She will be talking on The Core of Religion. Entry by ticket only.

Start Date:
Wednesday 7th December 2011
Start Time:
The Liberal Jewish Synagogue, 28 St John's Wood Road, London NW8 7HA
Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is the well-known author of many books including Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life Despite our scientific and technological brilliance, our thinking about religion is often remarkably undeveloped, even primitive. We speak about God and faith in ways that would have astonished such former luminaries as Maimonides, Ibn Sina and Thomas Aquinas. The lecture will examine such concepts as belief, certainty, mythology and ritual, which have become problematic in the modern period and have made religion difficult if not impossible for many people. It will also explore the role of compassion in all the major world faiths, suggest that the practice of compassion “all day and every day” (Confucius) is the core of religion and that it is now urgently needed in our dangerously polarized world.

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