The Church as it Could Be - For Goodness’ Sake

​Revd Adrian Alker, Director of Mission Resourcing in the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds; and a member of the management committee of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain

Saturday 20th October 2012, 10.00am-4.00pm, at Carrs Lane Church Centre. (This is instead of individual lectures) Tickets £15 from the church office.

Start Date:
Saturday 20th October 2012
Start Time:
Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham, B4 7SX
Carrs Lane Church Centre
0121 643 6151
Revd Adrian Alker

​Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith, October 2012

Does Christianity have anything to say to modern society? Is the Church’s teaching believable any more? Does your faith make you think? When you go to church, do you feel you are expected to leave your brains behind? Are you challenged by what other people in the church believe? Do you have more questions than answers? If you have not found it easy to discuss issues like these, then the Carrs Lane Lectures in Radical Christian Faith ARE FOR YOU!

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