Telling the Story Again Anew

Telling the Story Again Anew


Telling the Story Again Anew

Facilitated by Rev. Marianne Borg

with special guest John D. (Jack) Caputo

Start Date:
Saturday 9th October 2021
Start Time:
on line

Jack Caputo on Jacques Derrida:

A man who "rightly passes for an atheist" and is also a man of "prayers and tears."

October 9 we are honored to have John D. "Jack" Caputo as our guest. We were delighted to have him with us for a session last year. This year he will be with us three times. October 9, January 8 and April 9. Plan ahead. Mark those dates.

October 9 is Jacques Derrida's death date. Derrida is a highly influential if not totally understood post modern philosopher. Jack Caputo does understand his work. And Jack's own work on radical theology has been influenced by Derrida. I will ask Jack how he has been shaped by Derrida, why Derrida is important, and help us comprehend the "slightly atheistic quasi-Jewish Augustinianism of Derrida." Now if that isn't an enticing and irresistible hook I don't know what is! Don't miss this Second Saturday Conversation.

All are welcome to this free event. No prior experience necessary. If this is your first time joining us what a way to start. And for those who have been part of the conversation you know what to look forward to.

See you October 9.


The Rev. Canon Marianne Wells Borg

Facilitator for Second Saturday Conversation

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