Tartan Jesus?  Stuff..

Tartan Jesus?  Stuff..

HOLY CITY’s theme from January to May is ‘Tartan Jesus? ... weaving the fabric of a distinctive nation’. The aim is to explore some of the pressing issues facing Scotland in the run-up to September’s Referendum on independence.

Start Date:
Sunday 2nd February 2014
Start Time:
Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow
Graham Maule

The second instalment of Tartan Jesus is ‘Stuff’... matter, material, goods, things and more. Christianity is in one sense, the most ‘materialist’ of the great world religions, with its emphasis on the Incarnation, God made flesh. Yet the good Book also is full of warnings of the shadow side of stuff… from collecting only enough manna in the desert, to our daily bread and Jesus’ words about not worrying about tomorrow, or even Bonhoeffer’s ‘Hoarding is idolatory’. Yet our lives, communities, churches and nation clearly struggle with or even ignore this radical critique… how can we be more radically sustainable (and more faithful) in our lived attitudes to enough stuff?


Carol Craig on ‘The Great Takeover’… how materialism, the media and markets now dominate our lives and what we can do about it.http://www.postcardsfromscotland.co.uk/book_02.html

Colin Jenkins on Energy Justice – a distant dream?... discover the bias in the energy market/ game.

Luci Ransome on Transition Towns and the challenge of creating resilient communities. http://www.transitionscotland.org

Hilary Wood and Caroline Spratt with some inspirational videos and compelling conversations on Stuff: You can’t live without it… but you can put it to some amazing uses!


‘Stuff, Toothpicks and Toys’R Us’

Guilt, glut, waste, want, empathy, apathy, consumer gods and common wealth. Participative liturgy in sound, silence, song and symbolic action.

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