Sunday Living the Questions at St Martin in the Fields

Sunday Living the Questions at St Martin in the Fields

Did Jesus have to die to save the world? Should we as Christians differentiate between the roles of women and men? How should Christian citizens react to violence, to the authority of state, to foreigners and to those of different faiths? What moral framework should we live by?

Start Date:
Sunday 9th June 2013
Start Time:
Austen Williams Room, 6 St Martin’s Place, London
Revd Richard Carter
0207 766 1103

St. Paul tackles these and other issues in teaching that is both inspiring but at times problematic. Eclipsing Empire is a 12 session study of Paul’s radical – often controversial – ministry. It is the latest in the Living The Questions series held at St Martin’s: ‘a space of safety and challenge, where we can learn and ‘live the questions’ of what our faith means for our lives’.

Participants will explore the ways in which Paul has shaped modern Christianity; learn about the social, cultural, and political meaning of Paul’s ancient Mediterranean message; and examine its implications for life in present-day London. How will you respond to the words of this mystical activist – and to the letters that were written in his name?

Each session will consist of a 25 minute DVD followed by group discussion; commentary and study materials are by New Testament scholars Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan.

Sessions run from 12.15 - 1.30 pm on Sundays in the Austen Williams Room, 6 St Martin’s Place WC2N 4JJ (please buzz at the front door); you are welcome to eat with the group afterwards. Each session is self-standing. Come as a one-off to see how you find it; we hope that you like it and return!

9 June: Paul and Jesus: Already, Not Yet

16 June: Paul’s Mission: Fables or Facts?

23 June: Paul’s Character: Luke vs. Paul

30 June: Paul’s Conversion: The Road to Damascus?

7 July: Paul’s Cities: Villas and Shop-fronts

21 July: Paul’s Letters: Authentic or Forged?

8 September: Paul’s Ethics: Radical Equality

15 September: Paul’s Theology: God Taking Charge

29 September: Paul’s Eschatology: Justice on Earth

20 October: Underexplored Themes from the East

27 October: Jesus Eclipsing the Empire

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