Spirituality: Daring New Horizons

Spirituality: Daring New Horizons

A conference and workshop over two days in which Diarmuid O’Murchu will explore ideas of spirituality.

Start Date:
Saturday 29th September 2018
Start Time:
St. Luke's, Norwich and Wiveton Village Hall
Martin Smith
Diarmuid O'Murchu
Conference at St. Lukes £40/£30, Workshop at Wiveton £20/£15

As employed in modern usage these are some of the key elements employed in the notion of Spirituality:

  • It is an articulation of the human search for meaning in life, a pursuit shared by humans of every time and culture.
  • It predates formal religion by several thousand years.
  • It comes from deep within (often interpreted as individualistic), uniquely personal and veering more in the direction of meditation, inner experience, and mysticism.
  • It is widely connected with a love for nature and a desire to live in more convivial and responsible ways with the natural environment..
  • It tends to view external authority in a negative light, particularly that which emanates from patriarchal/hierarchical systems.

“If this emerging spirituality is an evolutionary development of our time, with a rightness for this time, how do we discern its complex unfolding, naming deviations that may be dangerous and destructive, and identifying positive features that will enhance our lives culturally and spiritually?”

Diarmuid will be speaking about these ideas and more at St Luke’s Norwich on Saturday 29th September (10.00 – 16.30) and exploring them in a workshop at Wiveton Village Hall on Sunday 30th September (13.00 – 15.30).

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