Seeking the Sacred: Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world

Seeking the Sacred: Christianity in dialogue with other religions and the world

Christian relationships with people of other religions can be both exciting and troubling. Exciting because we discover the presence of the sacred beyond Christian walls; troubling because we are made to face questions of how new discoveries and experiences fit with inherited ideas about Christian identity.

Start Date:
Monday 13th July 2015
Start Time:
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddeston, Herts, EN11 8SG
Revd Ruth Fitter
0845 345 1909 (Modern Church Office)
Raficq Abdulla, Dr Elizabeth Harris, Jim Kenney, Dr Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Dr Ataullah Siddiqui, Dr Mary Evelyn Tucker and others
Full residence ensuite £295, full residence standard room £230, Modern Church/WCF member's discount £15 pre 31st March

This conference is designed on the basis that our encounters with people of other religions lead us to acknowledge the positive presence of the sacred in other traditions and movements. It will explore new relationships and insights into what dialogue with newly-found friends might entail. It begins with the emergent story of the universe itself and ends with far-reaching proposals about the nature of the cultural and religious evolution in which we are all caught up.

The conference will include:

  • Journey of the Universe: a film exploring the origins of the universe in conjunction with the poetry of religious awareness from different religious traditions. Presented by Mary Evelyn Tucker, this is a unique and stunning adventure in critical cosmology and interfaith wisdom.

  • Dialogues between people of different faiths on the theology of ‘Revelation and Scripture’

  • A study of the theology of religions and postmodernism

  • Mysticism

  • Rumi and erotic poetry

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