Science with a Heart - In search of a new paradigm

Science with a Heart - In search of a new paradigm

An evening in London exploring a new and more human era for science. Philippo Dal Fiore argues that science should not fall into a reductionist trap which ignores the underpinning reality of Love.

Start Date:
Thursday 12th April 2018
Start Time:
St Mark’s Myddelton Sq London EC1R 1XX
020 7278 2070
Filippo Dal Fiore
£15 (£10 concessions)

Although ever expanding in their scope and reach, social and applied sciences still appear to suffer from their traditional imitations, namely their dependence on subjective assumptions and their tendency to build partisan ideologies out of theories. Filippo will argue for the need to factor in “good and universal common sense” into the process of science, in such a way as to correct reductionist arguments and account for the underpinning reality of Love. The resulting paradigm has the potential to usher in a new era for science, which takes into account a more fundamental exploration of our socio-natural world. The way will be paved to discover those simple and positive laws on which social complexities are likely to be grounded.

Filippo is a polymath social scientist educated in Europe and USA. He is the author of peer-reviewed articles and books relating to the impacts of science and technology on society. He is an adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna, a strong believer in humankind, and a regular meditator. (

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