Science and Spirituality: God as consciousness

Science and Spirituality: God as consciousness

Stemming from the theory of quantum physics is the understanding that there is a consciousness from which the whole of material reality emerges. Is this another name for God?

Start Date:
Tuesday 15th October 2013
Start Time:
The Meditatio Centre, St Mark’s Myddelton Square London EC1R 1XX
020 7278 2070
Don MacGregor

Don MacGregor will outline how science has led him to a rethinking of Christian spirituality in which God is viewed as the divine matrix of compassionate consciousness. Jesus is seen as a God-filled Wisdom, teacher of the path of transformative love.

Rev Don MacGregor is the author of Blue Sky God – the Evolution of Science and Christianity. He is an Anglican vicar in West Wales and Interfaith Officer in St David’s Diocese. He has been a university chaplain, science teacher and youth worker and his spiritual path has included New Age, Theosophy, and Christianity from evangelical/charismatic to liberal, contemplative and holistic.

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